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So you wanna buy your own domain and hosting, huh? I’ll try to provide you with some tips on how to not get scammed how I did. I’m going to talk about WordPress websites so others may be a bit different.

A little disclaimer: My experiences may be different to other people which includes you. This article is based on purely my experience, no one else’s. I’m also not paid nor affiliated by any of the mentioned companies.

Before you start anything, let me tell you one thing: don’t choose the cheapest option. It may be pretty obvious, but when you’re still a student, you usually don’t have that much money, so the cheapest option is always the first. Well, don’t do it. Maybe wait a little and then spend a bit more so you get a better support from your hosting company than a chat where it takes 20 minutes for them to reply to one message (yes, I had spent multiple hours in a support chat of my old hoster).

Should you get the same domain registrar and web hosting company?

If you’re not really into IT stuff, you want the simplest way to do this, yes.
If you’re willing to put a bit more effort into it, no.

Some hosting companies will even offer you a free domain along with your hosting (GoDaddy gave me for free for 3 years when I bought my 10 years of hosting with them – spoiler: that was a mistake).

If your answer is yes…

Go for it. I would suggest something like BlueHost who has great reviews online. I personally have never tried BlueHost but was considering it back in 2015/2016. They are highly pushed by WordPress themselves so take it as you wish. They also offer free domain name registration along with your hosting.

If your answer is no…

We’ll have more to talk about.

Domain name registration

For this domain (, I decided to use Domain(.com). Another great option is NameCheap. Both of these are well known companies that have been around for a long time.

Web hosting

Again, there’s multiple options available for you. I’ve been into coding most of my life, so I chose Google Cloud Platform to play around with. It is definitely not the cheapest option, but I personally believe it’s the best option. You have full control of your hosting with GCP. However, it is a bit more challenging for someone new to Linux hosting, as this does not include cPanel (which you may get with different hosting companies, BUT you can actually deploy cPanel there). I will probably write a separate post about hosting with GCP as this would get too long.

If you want cPanel or something simplier, go for BlueHost, 1&1, or basically any other company.

My experience

I started with eHost back in April 2016. Some time later, they ended and moved all their customers to JustHost. Let me tell you, the first year with them was C H E A P. The second year was the most expensive thing I have ever bought. It was around 150 – 170 euros per one year! Yeah, it wasn’t written anywhere that it would be this high or that I even bought the premium hosting?

Well, in 2018, I wanted to transfer to GoDaddy. So I bought domain transfer and 10 years cPanel hosting. But JustHost claimed they were not the registrars of my domain. EHost claimed it was JustHost. JustHost claimed it was DomainRegistry which doesn’t even offer that?? So I couldn’t transfer my domain to GoDaddy, so I placed a backorder and left my domain expire and go to auction. But guess what? GoDaddy works with HugeDomains who buy these domains a few hours before the auctions end (and while EU is asleep). But that’s a longer story that I don’t want to get too much into detail.

Basically, do not go with eHost, JustHost or anything similar.

Me now

Anyways, while I was pretty damn content with GCP, I moved my site back to GoDaddy. Why? Well, I still have the 9 years (108 months to be exact) of hosting and I’m not gonna waste it because it was a lot of money.

One thing I really disliked about GCP was domain e-mail. It’s such a pain in the ass to set up and when you finally do, WordPress decides to just not cooperate. That’s another reason why I went back to GoDaddy. Their hosting is with cPanel which is just so much easier and way more user-friendly. All domain emails and subdomains are free and ready to be used whenever you want with cPanel. With GCP… well, it’s not that.


I would suggest you to look into GCP as it is so much fun to play with (at least it was for me), it gives you more freedom and better VMs (virtual machines your website is hosted on), but it can be hard to understand and pretty pricey.

But if you want something fast, easy and usually way cheaper, go with hosting. As I mentioned before, there are many website hosting companies that give you a free domain with your purchase, so why not?

I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. If you have any questions, drop a comment below or contact me.

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