Kicked out of university because I fell in love


Do you despise of these young people that drop out of or get kicked out of university? Yeah, I used to too. Until it happened to me.

So… what happened?

I started my university in September 2016, after a great graduation from gymnasium (that’s a Czech eqivalent to high school for ‘smarter’ people). My major? Physical engineering and nanotechnology. Sounds cool, huh? Yeah, that’s one of the few reasons why I chose this. I had never liked physics, I’d actually hated it until I was 17 and we started doing optics, then I fell in love with it.

Moving forward, after I barely got through the first year, in October 2017 I met a guy. To put it in perspective, I left my last partner in May (?) 2012. I had been purposely trying to avoid love at all costs and it worked till I met him. I got a crush on him pretty early on, only around 2 weeks after we met. And what’s even better? It was pretty dang obvious he had a crush on me as well.

We started talking non-stop, and when I say non-stop, I mean non-stop. From the moment we woke up till the moment we fell asleep which, unsurprisingly, was impressively late, sometimes 4 am (impressively because now I would die at 2 am). Well, since I put all my energy into talking to him, I started having problems with concentration in school and I also started being extremely sleep deprived – I had to drink 4 to 6 really strong espressos every single morning to get me through the day – this all caused me to have less time to study and prepare for my tests. And then January 2018 came and so did my finals. And guess what? I didn’t attend a single one. Why? I fell into a deep depression because of my sleep deprivation and lack of motivation, I was constantly exhausted and tired, so I couldn’t go through the day without napping every few hours. Yet I kept spending all the time I was awake with him. We officially started dating on the 13th of January, 2018, at 3 am. Yes, at 3 am.

I don’t think I have to say any more as to why I got kicked out, it’s pretty obvious by now. But hey, we’re still dating so that’s something, eh? Eh??

First few months after…

…were decent since my mother had some issues with her nurse (my mom’s a doctor) and since she couldn’t terminate the nurse’s contract, I was working there instead. That was till June when the contract was finally terminated and my mother got a new nurse. It wasn’t that bad, but I’m not the most social person so talking to tens of strangers every single day was pretty hard on me mentally. I was also extremely underpaid because legally, I wasn’t working there full time (but I was) so I was getting paid as a part-time employee which was around half of the normal paycheck.

In June, I was finally free. I was, being fully honest now, just done. I was mentally so drained that I just couldn’t do anything at all. So I didn’t. I didn’t do anything all the way till November.

In November, I finally applied for a job. What job? Packing in a warehouse. Why? I didn’t have a degree and I refused to work with people again. This was pretty antisocial and easy to do. I got the spot immediately which made me really happy. Well, that was till I actually started working. Man, after sitting on my ass behind a desk for nearly 21 years, standing 8+ hours a day (once 12 hours) was tough. I couldn’t walk, actually, I could barely move. I even cried a few times after coming home because of how much my feet hurt. And it wasn’t all from just standing, some days I was helping other sections of the warehouse. For example, a few times I was helping as a support and a few times at picking – I walked over 18 kilometres per shift those days! Side note – I lost 5 kilograms in less than two months working there.

I kept saying every day ‘I’m gonna leave this stupid job next week, I swear’, but I didn’t. Why? Because only two weeks after I started, I saw a paper that said the warehouse management was looking for a new IT support! So I applied immediately! And I got it! However, they kept me on packing till the end of 2018.

So, what now?

Well, I love my job.

What do I do? Basically, when something isn’t working how it’s supposed to, or if someone needs help with something (IT wise), they send me an email, send me a message on Hangouts or call me, and I either fix it or put a request on our IT helpdesk and they fix it. Plus I also do daily, weekly and monthly warehouse statistics. And newly, I do some magic with warehouse budget.

I really love my job.

However, I’m still planning on continuing my studies. Just not the same major as I did. Actually, lately, I’ve been getting myself back into coding, so I’m thinking about applying to a new university, branch Software engineering. It is combinated study which means I can work just fine and go to school every Saturday. I will most likely not apply this year because of personal and family issues but next year, definitely. Wish me luck, I’ve been into computers and programming since very young age and it would mean a lot if I could actually study it.

Well, thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me.

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