Twitch commands

!uptimeSee how long I've been streaming
!followageSee how long you've been following me
!playtimeSee how long I've been playing the current game
!titleSee the current stream title
!gameSee the current game being streamed
!coffeeBuy me a cup of coffee because apparently, I can't do it on my own
!discordJoin my Discord server because we have cool emotes
!instagramFollow my Instagram because I'm narcissistic
!lurkTell us you're lurking and get 2 extra sauries! (cooldown is 1 hour)
!patreonSupport my Patreon so I can do more for you
!specsLinks my setup page
!websiteLinks my website
!youtubeSubscribe to my YouTube, even tho I don't post anymore
!scheduleLinks my current schedule
!todayWhat am I streaming today?
!tomorrowWhat am I streaming tomorrow?
!nextWhat and when am I streaming next?
!downtimeSee how long the stream has been offline
!primeSee how to support me with Twitch Prime
!beatsaberLearn how to request a song for me to play
!modsList mods currently in the channel
!usersList users currently in the channel
!streamertimeAnnounce the caster's local time
!count [word]Tells you how many times that word as been said in chat.
!timeAnnounce amount of time spent in channel
!lastseen [username]Find out when the given user was last seen in the channel
!vodDisplays stream uptime and current VOD or, if offline, the last VOD available.
!topDisplay the top people with the most sauries
!toptimeDisplay the top people with the most time
!account link [code]Completes an account link for Discord
!sauriesAnnounce sauries in chat
!randomSomething random will happen
!bsr [code]Request a song to be played in Beat Saber
!gift [user] [amount]Give sauries to a friend
!rankDisplay your current rank
!rank set [rankname]Set rank for yourself if enough hours and points
!rank delDeletes customized rank
!bet [amount] [option]Bets on that option (only works when there's a bet open)
!tickets [amount]Buy tickets to enter the ticket raffle (only works when there's a traffle open)
!joinqueue [gamertag]Adds you to the current queue. Gamertag part is optional. (only works when there's a queue open)
!bid [amount]Bid an mount on the current auction (only works when there's an auction open)-
!scoresaberLinks my ScoreSaber profile

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