What I learned by being alone


When I wrote the original post (How to deal with being alone) early in April, I couldn’t imagine being alone for nearly two more months. But hey, I survived it and I’m finally not alone in the house. Now, let me tell you about the entire experience after the initial month.

My first update is from mid-November which was actually before I got the job from university story in March. I’m still pretty content with my job.

My last post is from early April and I have very good reasoning for that. My mother was hospitalized in early March so I’ve been alone with just my dog for a long time. Well, she was gone for three months which is exactly the three months I want to talk about right now.

My boyfriend came here to visit me for two weeks and well, he’s not my boyfriend anymore. Why? Because we got engaged! It’s the ring that’s in the featured picture. Those two weeks with him helped me a whole lot and I just can’t help but be grateful for having such an amazing person in my life.

Hobbies to do alone

One thing that I did was getting into coding. But like, properly. And I coded some really insane things that I would never imagine I could actually do on my own like half a year ago when all I knew from Python was print("Hello world!") You can check out all my work on the SauriCogs page where everything is explained.

Money management

Another thing I learned was managing my finances. This is a very important thing for me because I had always been terrible at that. I’m the type of person that spends money when they feel down. What can I say, I like spoiling myself and it makes me feel good. However, when I was alone, I had to make sure that while yes, I needed to buy something just for my own inner peace (for example I got a new purse and a perfume), I also needed to buy my own groceries without relying on toast – yes, I lived on toast for the initial month, only then I started buying actual groceries and cooking.

Talking about being alone

Although I am pretty antisocial (I don’t particularly enjoy the company of many, if any, people), talking to someone is very beneficial. However, for me personally, talking to people does not equal to talking face to face. Face to face talking does the exact opposite. It stresses me out, it makes me feel like whatever problem or issue I am trying to express is just not important and instead of feeling better, I feel worse. It makes me feel like my problems are just so irrelevant and stupid. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. I just can’t talk about my feelings cause I feel belittled by that.

So no, I didn’t learn talking about it, I learned writing about it. Writing, whether if it’s just for me and no one will see or to someone else in order to get feedback, does make me feel good. I’ve always loved writing (I mean, I became a blogger for a few years and I’m slowly trying to go back to it) so it does make sense. However, I usually don’t write about myself. Look at all my posts from before mid-2018, none of them are about my own self. But after that, we have four actually personal posts (well, five with this one). I do plan on writing reviews again, do not worry, you can see my planned reviews right here.

Toxic communities aren’t good for you

This should be obvious to everyone but not me. In the last post, I mentioned that I had joined some Discord servers. I did, but I stopped being active soon after until I left them. They bring nothing but the freedom to say whatever you want which can be great if you’re full of hatred but it’s not a solution. This brings me back to my first point, that I started coding. Well, my codes are all cogs for Red Discord bot. The Red community is amazing and extremely helpful. So yes, joining communities is still a great solution, but try to avoid the toxic ones.

While I know for sure that I have not mentioned everything, these are some of the things I’ve learned. Some that were already obvious beforehand and some that I had never needed to know. Makeup reviews starting soon again, I promise.



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