When I wrote the original post (How to deal with being alone) early in April, I couldn’t imagine being alone for nearly two more months. But hey, I survived it and I’m finally not alone in the house. Now, let me tell you about the entire experience after the initial month.
I was going through old photos I had ready for ‘future’ reviews and I saw a few for base makeup reviews which made me think about how much my skin has changed since I used to be active. Let’s take a look together, shall we?
Do you despise of these young people that drop out of or get kicked out of university? Yeah, I used to too. Until it happened to me.
It’s time to make an update. I honestly don’t know where to start right now. I don’t think I have enough words that could actually explain all that happened in since the end of 2016 when I first started being less and less active until fully stopping in June 2017. But, let me try and...

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My name is Ellie and I’m an IT support in one European beauty e-shop. I have many hobbies – physics, bullet journalling, coding in Python, book-binding, playing games (D2, R6, OW, …), and of course makeup.

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