Review: A’PIEU Air-Fit Cushion Blusher


This is my first cushion blush (or blusher as A’Pieu calls it) plus it’s a Rilakkuma one, isn’t it adorable? But the packaging isn’t everything, so let’s see how the product performs.

First off, I want to apologize for the pictures, they’re really old (2016) and I don’t have the originals, so I cannot fix them and the old domain’s watermark. However, it will not change my review as I still use it (as seen in the last two pictures with my face).


One of my goals is to talk less about packaging in my reviews and talk a bit more about the product, so let’s see how well I do.

The box is very simple, made out of clear plastic. Ingredients and some other information are listed there, all in Korean.

The cushion itself is absolutely adorable. It’s a smaller version of normal cushions, approximately half the size, even though it is a very thick one.

The puff is a standard cushion one, just smaller to fit. With a light press on the sponge, you get a perfect amount for light. With some more pressure, you get a lot of product (as seen on the second picture).


Sadly, this product is no longer sold and I do not remember how many shades there were. However, I believe there were 5 shades, each having a different picture on the packaging. The shade I got is CR01 which is a beautiful coral colour, as seen in the picture below. The shade is most likely the perfect one for my complexion as I really like orange tones (since they go really well with my eyes).

The colour may seem a little sheer once blended out, but trust me, it is not. Even a very light press on the cushion gives you enough pigment for both cheeks. But then, it really depends on how you like your blush. I personally prefer mine to be on the sheer side as bold colours just don’t look good on me. However, as I mentioned before, with some more pressure, you really do get enough product for some bold and very obvious colour. This has happened to me multiple times, an easy fix is to just get your foundation brush and tone it down a little.

As you can see, the colour is just gorgeous. I don’t know, it’s probably just me and my infatuation for these coral shades.

It is a very long-lasting blush – even after 10 hours, it still looks exactly the same as it did the minute I applied it. It doesn’t move the products (foundation and concealer) underneath it (unlike the Missha blush stick, review to be published soon).


Overall, I absolutely love this blush and I really hope A’Pieu releases another cushion blusher soon as I would love to get more colours. If you ever see any liquid blush from them, definitely pick it up.

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