Review: Swisspure Glow Wear HD Cushion (Le Petit Prince)


Swisspure is a brand I haven’t really seen anywhere nor heard anything about before. I discovered them accidentally while scrolling through some e-shop, looking for new cushions to try out. The look of this cushion caught me almost immediately since I love Little Prince. So I decided to try this gorgeous looking Glow Wear HD Cushion and see if it’s as good as it looks.

First off, I’d just quickly like to apologize for my loooong absence (over two months). School gave me lots of trouble, also I had (and still have) a huge block and can’t think of anything to write about t_t But, enough talk, let’s focus on the main topic here.


As someone who loves The Little Prince, I adore the packaging. It’s gorgeous, light pink box with silver and black lettering. On the bottom side of the box, there’s a list of ingredients.

The cushion casing looks identical to the box. Light pink with the same image of the Prince. Inside, there’s a nice sized mirror, great for daily touch ups.

The air puff is all white with little pink heads of the Prince, super cute. Other than that, it’s the well-known regular blue puff.


The cushion sponge itself is pretty regular, nothing new, it’s exactly the same sponge in any other cushion. It spreads the product evenly on the puff and that’s what matters. One press on a new sponge is enough to cover half of the face.

There are only two shades available: N21 Pink Ivory and N23 Honey Beige.

As always, I got the lightest shade, so Pink Ivory. The shade is a little too dark for me (even in summer) and also way too pink. I prefer yellow toned base makeup on me.

It has SPF 50+ PA+++, which is absolutely amazing. However, cushions aren’t enough to truly provide your complexion the SPF they claim to have, so keep that in mind.

The coverage is light to light-medium, easily buildable to solid medium. It evens out my skin tone (and turns it pink) and covers some light acne scars. Anything more than that is a no-no. So I still have to use a concealer to get to the coverage that I like. However, I think this would be perfect for some of you, who like lighter everyday coverage.

It feels very light weight, almost as if I had nothing on my skin. The finish is extremely natural, so dewy and glowy, but it kind of has almost a semi-matte feel. It’s not moisturizing and it kinda feels a little dry on the skin. So I recommend using a good moisturizer.

The lasting property isn’t the best, but isn’t the worst either. It’s solid meh, in the meaning of around 6 hours. After that, it starts breaking apart around my mouth and nose (where all my sebum production is). Powders don’t really help that much, I can get a maximum of 8 hours wear without feeling like having to either touch up or take it off completely.


I think this cushion would be the perfect option for someone who doesn’t have an acne prone complexion and is happy with a nice light-medium coverage and natural light-weight feel.

For me, personally, I don’t think I will repurchase (even tho it’s under $10). I don’t find it to have the properties I look for in cushions, so that’s why I only give it 3 hearts.

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