Review: VDL Expert Metal Cushion Foundation


Metal cushions aren’t as often seen as the regular cushions, this one is actually my first one. I was sent the cushion from BBcosmetic to try out and review. I wrote down quite a few points so let’s just jump right into it.

*This cushion is mentioned in my huge cushion comparison, pt 2.


The box is dark purple, almost black with purple and brown undertone. The letters are holographic so they change colours, depending on how you rotate it towards the light.

The case has the same colour as the box, except that it has no brown undertone and it’s way more purple. The VDL letters are metal.

When you open it, you get a big mirror, as usual, your puff and the metal ‘cushion’. When you open it for the very first time, there’s a sticker covering the ‘cushion’, just like any other cushion. However, there’s no plastic divider, the puff is in direct contact with the metal.

The metal is basically another mirror with holes in it. To get the product out, you press down with your puff and you get the makeup.

The puff is white air puff. It feels like a regular puff and is not as bouncy as the puff in April Skin Magic Snow Cushion.


There are 4 shades available: M101 (for users of shade 17), A201 (for users of shade 21), A203 (for users of shade 21) and A205 (for users of shade 23).

I’ve got the lightest shade – M101. M stands for Milk, A for Apricot. Milk is supposed to be more of a cool tone and Apricon warm tone. I must have gotten some tan on my face because the shade is too light for me. This is the first time I have ever said that. It is too light on my white skin, wow. It also has pink undertone so it makes my skin look more peachy and pinkish which I’m not the biggest fan of since my face is already red/pink. I’m sure that shade A201 would be way better match for me. So if you have a similar skin

It has SPF50+ PA+++, thank god. If you have read some of my previews reviews, you know that I really want the highest protections possible so this is a thumbs up.

I’m not a fan of the applications. Since the product comes out in small dots, it makes it slightly harder to blend because the application isn’t even and you have to tap it on your face more to blend it. However, once you do blend it, it feels really light on the skin, even if you put more than one layer.

The coverage is natural medium, easily buildable to higher without looking cakey. However, if you have a bigger and more prominent red pimples, you won’t be able to fully cover them and you will have to use a concealer. No big deal, it evens out the skintone, that’s important.

After application

The finish is kind of confusing to me. It is very wet and dewy at first, then it sets into glowy natural semi matte and over time it starts feeling dry. You don’t even have to set it with powder, but oily skin types should set the T-zone because it does get oily (only on the nose though!) and starts separating due to the oils, although I found out that it separates only around my nose, not chin, which is a big plus. And since it’s wet at first, it creases on my eyelids (not under my eyes, I don’t understand) and hair stick to it, also since it gets dry, it sets into the fine and smile lines.

The cushion is very long lasting. I was blown away because it really does last a very long time without any need for touch ups. It adheres to the skin really well and it doesn’t transfer as much as other cushions I have tried (f.e. Hera UV Mist Cushion), it transfers only tiny bit but if you set it, it shouldn’t transfer at all.


I really enjoy using this cushion because of the lasting ability. It really did surprise me. And the coverage is decent as well. But I think I will leave for the winter since the shade doesn’t exactly match me in the summer. But I think it is really good option for the summer as well since it sticks onto the skin and stays in place the whole day without moving around. Highly recommend for probably all skin types. Oily types will enjoy this a lot as well!

Demo, review and comparison with other cushions:

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