Skin update: How has my skin changed?


I was going through old photos I had ready for ‘future’ reviews and I saw a few for base makeup reviews which made me think about how much my skin has changed since I used to be active. Let’s take a look together, shall we?

Skin type

My skin type has changed drastically. I was always oily/sometime combination type. I had to use oil-free and very lightweight moisturizers and sleeping packs were a no-no – there was one in particular that just broke me out every single time I used it because of how heavy it was. Well, that’s all the past.

My skin is extremely dehydrated. It’s not really as dry, but it’s constantly just tight. Recently, I have started using some of my most favourite hydrating skincare products, but so far no luck. I even bought a hydrating mist and have to use it constantly. But since I only started recently with proper skincare, I’ll update you in my next skincare routine (click here for my previous acne routine) because I really like my current one.

Skin texture

My skin’s texture is not nearly as bad as it used to be back in early 2016, however, it’s still pretty bad. It definitely has something to do with me being lazy and just not sticking to my routine every single day and night. But hey, I’m getting better!

I still have small little bumps all over my face. But that’s about it. My pores are more or less normal size. Meh, I don’t really care about my pores because we all have them so why get triggered by them? That’s pores tho, not everyone has bumps or scars. Which leads me to…

Acne scars

If you browse a bit into my blog’s history, back in late 2015/early 2016, my skin just… broke apart. My cheeks got covered in cystic acne, huge and extremely painful bumps. My self-esteem dropped significantly as my face was always the thing I really liked about myself. Yet I kept picking all the acne, so you can imagine all the scars that started forming. Well, those scars take years to fade so I still have them. They’re way lighter, some even already faded, but some are still present.


Now the painful bit. I still break out, occasionally though. My skin is most of the times without any cystic acne nor regular pimples. I do get a few white heads (tiny pimples) relatively often but anything more than that? Not really. However, sometimes I do. For example, last two weeks were extremely stressful for me – both family wise and work wise – so I got a few bigger acne. These idiots that ruin my life are not cystic, thankfully, so they don’t hurt or anything, they’re just there. But some foundation or concealer helps with them.

Well, I think this sums it up. My skin is still trash but it’s not nearly as trash as it used to be 3 years ago.

By the way, I think I’ll make a new post schedule. Every Tuesday non-beauty related thing, every Thursday beauty related thing. I will probably not stick to this but it’s nice to believe I will for a few days, right?


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