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Tonymoly recently came out with a new products in their BCDation serie and that is BCDation BB Serum. Both their original BCDation Cushion+ and BCDation+ are two of my most favourite products I own, so I was really excited to try their new BB serum.

Before starting, I want to apologize for the lack of activity and reviews, school is taking me way too much time. But it should be more free soon!


The box is completely different from their BCDation+. It’s white with gold and black text, very elegant and clean-looking. Some English information can be found on the left side of the box.

The bottle itself is very similar, yet so different to the BCDation+. Similar in terms of the overall design – simple one colour with coloured bottom in the shade you own. However, the text positioning is different (the back is the same). Also, there is no transparent bar indicating how much you have left.

It comes with a nice pump. Also, I’d like to point out that these bottles are airtight – that means that on the bottom there is a barrel which slowly moves up as you pump the product out. Aka, there’s no tube, no oxygen (no bacteria growing there) and you’re not wasting any product. Not many brands have these since they’re a bit more pricey but it’s definitely amazing.


There are 3 shades available: #01 Vanilla Beige, #02 Skin Beige and #03 Warm Beige.

I got the shade #01 Vanilla Beige (same as my previous Tonymoly makeup). I noticed it’s a tiny little bit more lighter than BCDation+, but that’s not noticeable on the face.

It has SPF 30 PA++ which is nice for everyday use (even though I still use sun-cream).

The texture is not as ‘thick’ as BCDation+, it’s definitely more liquidy but not to the point that it’s dripping down my fingers. It is very easy to blend with brushes, Beauty Blender and air puffs. I hate applying makeup with fingers but I’m sure it’s just as easy if not easier. It feels extremely light on the skin, as if I had nothing on.

The coverage is light-medium, buildable to medium. It looks like a second skin, very natural and soft.  It has no problem with evening my complexion, however, it can’t cover blemishes. I prefer something a bit more covering because of my scarring but I still enjoy this with some spot concealing.

The finish is semi-matte and doesn’t even need to be set with a powder (but I still do it since I just feel more secure).

The lasting property isn’t that great. It is very similar to BCDation+ in that aspect. However, I kind of feel like it lasts a bit longer without touching out and I can go one shorter school day with it (around 6 hours in school). However, after 8 hours, it doesn’t look good. It separates around my mouth area the same way as BCDation+. But really, I’ve only found one foundation + powder combination that doesn’t do that to me.


I really do enjoy this foundation / BB cream. It looks natural and just really nice overall. Even through the cons (longevity and coverage), I will definitely continue using it on daily basis (aka more than once a week), because it makes my skin look very healthy.

I recommend this to the ones of you that don’t need as much coverage every day and want something light that doesn’t look cakey. I think dry and normal skintypes would love this.

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