Review: Peripera Fashion’s People Box Ink Lip Pencil


Peripera released a new limited edition box where you get multiple products at once. The last time it was Girl’s Cabinet, this time it’s Fashion’s People Box filled with their 8 new INK lip pencils. Since I have mixed feelings about all their INK lip products, I decided to try this one in hope it might help settle my feelings. And it did.


The packaging is honestly amazing. It looks really gorgeous with all the graffiti on it, plus it’s shaped like a hand bag which you can carry around.

Inside of the paper box, there’s a tin case with a same design as on the box.

Opening the case, there are 8 different lip pencils.


As I already mentioned, there are 8 shades which don’t have any names, only numbers. Looking at the swatches, I feel like number 3, 5 and 6 are quite similar (even tho they are not identical) and they could make them a little bit more different. For example shade number 6 could be darker so we’d have one really dark shade.

Talking about their texture, they are extremely soft, the finish is matte with a slight sheen without feeling extremely drying (like Peri’s Cushion Lips for example), they actually feel quite moisturizing.

They are not kiss-proof or smudge-proof. They last for a fair amount of hours, however, if you eat something greasy, they will come off. That doesn’t mean your lips will be bare, they won’t. These pencils will stain your skin and the stain is pretty hard to remove.


As you can see from the swatches, the shades are gorgeous and very pigmented. My favourite shade is definitely number 7, it’s a darker version of extremely pale number 1 that might not be flattering on everyone.

The last shade, number 8, will make your teeth look extremely yellow, but purples tend to do that.  Number 2 is a vibrant rich orange shade, shade 4 is a true pink and shade 3 is right between those two. Number 5 is a beautiful darker and more blue toned version of number 3, just like shade number 6 is a darker and bluer number 4.


I honestly love them. They are richly pigmented, extremely wearable, last for a good amount of hours and aren’t drying. The texture almost feels like a regular lipstick and I love that.

If Peripera ever comes out with any lip pencils, definitely pick them up, they are absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

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