Review (acne skin): Peripera Blur Pang Whip BB


I really enjoyed using Peripera Ink Drop BB (review here) so I was looking forward to trying another BB cream from Peripera so I got myself the new Blur Pang Whip BB from Jolse.


The packaging is very nice and simple, white together with a baby pink is a beautiful combination. However, on the sides, there are some information in Korean that are impossible to take a picture of because of the light pastel pink colour.

On the front side, there’s written “Whip BB” in the same effect as it was on the cabinet‘s box so again, it’s almost impossible to take a picture of.

The product itself is quite small (around 9 cm tall) but it still comes in 30 ml which is pretty normal for a foundation/BB cream.

The applicator is a dropper. That was quite a surprise since I’ve never seen this in any base makeup I have tried so far. The dropper doesn’t work perfectly, sometimes it doesn’t suck up any product at all but sometimes it really does amazingly work.


There are 2 shades available: #1 Whip Ivory and #2 Whip Beige

I’ve gotten the shade #1 Whip Ivory because you know, I’m pale as hell and I feel like this shade is a perfect match for me. If you’ve watched my Peri’s Ink Minimini Set Girl’s Cabinet review, you know that when I tried the shade #2, it was too dark. However, both shades are very pale, the shade #2 is probably for light-to-medium skintones.

It has SPF 30 PA++ which is nice and pretty basic.

These are the claims:

Blurring effect for Seamless Coverage. Air-light formula for Feathery-Soft Finish. Softens and smooth for Poreless Complexion.

If you look at the pictures below, I think you will agree with me that this is not blurring effect. It doesn’t soften nor smooths out my complexion. It is very light, that is true.

It feels almost a little too dry on my skin (my skin is dry and very dehydrated during winter). But a little bit of a mist can save the day.

The coverage is light, buildable to medium but it doesn’t cover everything. It evens out the skintone nicely but it doesn’t cover major spots and hyper-pigmentation, well, it’s a BB cream.

The finish is very natural and semi-matte, not too dewy and not too matte, it’s right in the middle. It lasts for a decent amount of time, around 6 hours.

If you set it with a powder, it doesn’t move nor it transfers. Powdering throughout the day (on T-zone) can make this last the whole day.


My thoughts are probably the same as when I tried Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Not too impressed since it’s just like any regular BB cream. If you have fairly good skin or your aim is looking natural, this would be perfect.

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