Review: Etude House Tear Drop Liner


Do you want to look innocent and cute? Try this Tear Drop Liner from Etude House that will make your inner corners and aegyosal pop!


Packaging is very simple. It doesn’t come in any box, just like this with a plastic around the lid.

The applicator is not any soft brush, it’s a little harder, bendable, tip made out of plastic.


There are 4 shades available: #1 White Tear (Innocent tears), #2 Gold Khaki, #3 Pink Tear (Pearly tears) and #4 Golden Tear (The sun tears).

I’ve gotten the shade #1 Innocent tears because I felt like white one would compliment most of my eyeshadow looks. The shade is very sparkly and beautiful. When you look straight into the mirror, it’s almost transparent but as you move and the light hits these small glitter particles, it is very prominent and beautiful, making your eyes look bigger.

Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to place the glitter right into my inner corner and that it bleeds into my fine lines.

The liner very long lasting, it lasts me the whole day (12+ hours) and still looks beautiful (except the fact that my Better Than Sex mascara smudges on top of it so I always somehow end up smudging it ;;).

It also dries fairly quickly so when I get some on my lower lashes and they stick together (without me separating them quickly enough), they’re stuck together until I take my eye makeup remover.

It removes fairly easily with a regular makeup remover. Sometimes, I just find two or three glitter particles somewhere around my eye but that’s pretty much it.

A little downside is, when your eyes water, it moves a little bit, or gets removes by a q-tip or a tissue. But that’s a small issue, that’d probably happen with everything.


I love this product! It quickly became my everyday, holy grail product that just gives my eyes a nice little pop. Highly recommend this to everyone!

You can get your own on Jolse*.

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