Review (acne skin): Hera New UV Mist Cushion Long Stay Matt


Remember my review for UV Mist Cushion that is from long time ago? Well, Hera released a new version of their cushions so I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve gotten the Long Stay Matt version because ever since I got on uni, I spend 10 to 12 hours in school daily so I really need something to last me all day long.


Quite honestly, the packaging is gorgeous. I love lavender colour so this is like a dream come true to me.

The box has metallic finish and is pretty simple. We’re not getting almost any English, except on the front side of the box.

Inside, once again, you get a little information paper in English, Korean and Chinese.  This makes up for the lack of information on the box. Along with the information paper, you get a free refill that, again, has way nicer packaging than the previous version where it was just shiny white.

Finally getting to the star of this post, here is the beautiful compact. The casing is very simple. It kind of reminds me of my IOPE Air Cushion XP because the letters are lifted and you can see their shadow on a glittery background.

The sticker seems a little upgraded as well, you basically tug it by extra piece of clear plastic, not on the sticker itself, which makes it a little more sanitary.

The cushion itself is regular Korean cushion, not as porous as “western” ones which have huge holes (pointing at you, L’Oreal).

The puff seems to be the exact same as the older version. It’s purple and soft, not like the classic blue one.


There are 4 shades available: #13 Ivory, #17 Rose Vanilla, #21 Vanilla and #23 Beige.

I’ve got the shade #13 Ivory because I know that the last time with Hera, I had #21 and it was too dark. I personally wouldn’t get #17, simply because I’m not cool toned. But I think, I’ve gotten the right shade because now, during the winter, it matches me perfectly.

Long lasting, high coverage MIST CUSHION with a refreshing finish that lasts 12 hours in a humid atmosphere.

This is what it claims to do on Jolse’s website and this is also exactly why I chose this version to try. 12 hours in a humid atmosphere, that means that if it’s not humid, it should last the whole day, right? Right?

The application is very easy, as with any other cushion foundation.

It has SPF50+/PA+++ which is amazing! Great add-on to already seem-to-be perfect cushion.

The coverage is nice medium, buildable to medium-high. I haven’t tried building it up to full coverage but I think it isn’t impossible, since it really builds up nicely. It feels very light, as if I had nothing on my face. It doesn’t look cakey, it’s very natural and makes my skin look really healthy and nice. The finish isn’t completely matte, it’s more of a semi-matte finish, not too drying and not too sticky/wet/dewy/moisturizing, it’s just the perfect balance of what I’m looking for.

I’m including one set of photos in my “fake” light and one set in my more natural light. Also, please, excuse the fact that my skin is going through another winter stage and I’m breaking out like crazy and trying my best to calm my skin down q_q

On me, without a primer, it lasts for about 6 to 8 hours (definitely not 12) before separating and budging up around my mouth (as every foundation, sighs, I’m slowly starting to get used to it). However, it’s fairly easy to touch up and even without touch ups, I can go through the whole school day without looking too bad. I mean, no one is as close to my face as I am with my 10 times magnifying mirror.


So far, I’m in love with this cushion! It’s not as sticky as the old one and it lasts for a good amount of time, it doesn’t transfer as much, it feels really nice and makes me feel a little better about my skin. Highly recommend!

I will film a video comparison of the old version to this new one. Also, to say something about the older version, I was pretty critical in the review, well, I still am very critical towards foundations. But I kept using the old version and I really enjoyed it, it’s way nicer than some other cushions I have tried (coughs Etude House coughs), I really like the old cushion, it’s the type of a cushion I reach for when I’m not sure what to use. However, it is very sticky and you HAVE to set it with powder.

You can get your own on Jolse*.

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