Review: too cool for school Artclass by Rodin Blusher


The last but not the least in the Artclass by Rodin collection is the Blusher. Not even half as popular, I didn’t know this existed until I ordered it by accident because I thought it was the Highlighter. Oops. But I do not regret it since I hadn’t owned any powder blush before this.


As always, I’m starting with the box. This time, the box, or the packaging in general, looks almost identical to the Highlighter one. That’s pretty much why I thought I was ordering that instead of this. Except this Blusher box and case aren’t pink, but more like orangy coral shade.

After opening the lid, you are welcomed with three beautiful coral shades, nice sized mirror and a protecting sheet.


As I said in the previous two posts, these aren’t super pigmented (except for the darkest shade). The light and medium shade are hardly visible on my complexion and I’m still the palest person I know.

On my face, they look (well, the darkest shade) really nice and soft. It’s not anything harsh, it just gives a nice little tint to your cheeks as if you were pinching them a little.


I honestly don’t enjoy this as much as the other two items but I still use it quite often (since it’s still my only powder blush). If you want something very soft and natural, this is way to go!

To read the ARTCLASS by Rodin Shading and Highlighter, click on the names.

You can buy your own on Jolse*.

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