Review: too cool for school Artclass by Rodin Highlighter


Second in row in the popular Artclass by Rodin is this highlighter. It’s not as known as Shading but it is definitely more known than Blusher (which is the last one I will be talking about).


Starting with the box, as usual, it has the same design as the Shading one, except the edges. The box is light baby pink with brown and white lettering. Once again, we’re getting two tips in English.

The casing has, again, the same design as the box.

Once again, when you open the lid, you see there your beautiful highlighter with three different shades. It’s also protected with a plastic sheet. You’re getting a nice sized mirror which is always a good thing.


I’ll start with the shades. Here are the swatches (one swipe with finger).

As you can see, the swatches and the colours are absolutely stunning! I can’t even describe how beautiful they are.

It is very reflective and on the face, you can either apply it lightly and have it looking very natural or you can go heavier with it.

The shades are just amazing, I fell in love with them immediately after swatching them. The light and the medium shades are great and look amazing on my skin. The dark on is a little too dark and you can see it on my complexion, however, that doesn’t stop me! I usually apply this shade on my cupid’s bow to make it pop a little bit.


We all know that Korean makeup is mainly focused towards the fair skintones and this isn’t any exception. However, if you are pale as me or a little bit darker, I’m sure you will love this palette as much as I do. It became my holy grail immediately.

To read the ARTCLASS by Rodin Shading and Blusher, click on the names.

You can buy your own on Jolse*.

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