Review: Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Aurolighter


Rainbow highlighter became super popular a few months ago and Tonymoly reacted to it and created their own version. And I’m here today to give you swatches and my thoughts.


The box is pretty plain. Simple black with light pastel pink text. On the back, there is some information.

Packaging looks identical to the box. Plain and simple.

The real magic happens when you open the casing. It has a little button so it opens itself and makes a click sound when closed. There’s a nice sized mirror as well.


It is scented so if you can’t stand your makeup smell like anything, you wouldn’t like it. It’s a really soft and sweet smell, nothing strong, you can only smell it when you get one centimeter close.

The shades are unbelievably beautiful and shimmery. I’m sure this would look great as an eyeshadow.

As you can see from the swatches, they aren’t crazily pigmented, they look pretty light and soft but you still can see them clearly when picked up with a flat brush. The rainbow isn’t as visible on the face as on my arm but when you put two light layers, the blue is already starting to be clear.

When mixed, it is one of the most beautiful and natural looking highlighters I own which is quite surprising. It is not as reflective as my aliexpress Becca highlighters (which are the most intense highlighters I have ever tried), it creates more of the “Korean” dewy natural look, which is good if that’s the look you are going for.


I actually really do like this highlighter. It is really pretty to look on and at the same time, it gives my face beautiful natural glow.

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