Review (acne skin): Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation


If you’ve read some reviews from me, you know that I talk about Aritaum pretty often since their Full Cover BB cream and Mirror Gloss Tint are my two all time favourites. So far, I always enjoy all their products (except one which I only dislike because I don’t like bold lips on me). I’ve been eyeing their All Day Lasting Foundation for a really long time, basically ever since I’d tried the BB cream, and now I finally have it, yay!

Oh look, I’m back with white background photos. Also, I’d like to apologize for not being active during January, I had finals and ahem, they didn’t go as smoothly as I imagined them. Anyways, without further talking, let me tell you about this foundation.


One thing I really don’t like about Aritaum is that their makeup doesn’t come in boxes and I love boxes… It usually has only a plastic wrapper around, sometimes with a sticker on. This foundation is no different, it came just in a clear plastic with two stickers on it.

Taking the wrapper off, the beautiful frosted glass looking bottle (it’s plastic) reveals its beauty. What can I say, I love the look of frosted bottles. It comes with a pump, which is always nice.


There are 2 shades available: #01 Light Beige and #02 Natural Beige

The shade range is a big con for Aritaum base makeup but thankfully, #01 Light Beige is always my perfect match.


  1. Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle Care + UV Rays Block
  2. Lightly adheres on skin and covers freckles.
  3. Long lasting foundation.
  4. Silky skin texture.
  5. Avocado 5-AVOCUTA controls sebum.

I can’t say much about its anti-wrinkle care since I only have wrinkles under my eyes and I don’t put foundation there. However, it has SPF30 PA++, which is a nice basic protection.

The texture isn’t too thick or too liquidy, it’s the perfect balance. It’s similar, if not same as the BB cream, maybe a tiny little bit more liquidy.

It is very easy to apply, with both a sponge (Beauty Blender and air puff) and a brush (stippling one, you get way more coverage than with a sponge).

The coverage is surprisingly really good. It’s not full, but it’s nice medium, easily buildable to high coverage. Some major dark spots will still peek a little through.

The finish is very natural, I’d say it’s semi-matte.

The lasting property is way better than their BB cream, it lasts the whole day without looking too terrible. It’s easy to touch up as well.

I don’t really agree with the sebum controlling claim because my nose still gets oily, but now I’m talking about after 16 hours of wear. So I recommend powdering your T-zone if you’re oily skin type. It also separates a little bit around my mouth and chin, aka my problem area.


What more can I say? I’m in love and I’m kinda sad that I didn’t try this earlier. Aritaum, once again, didn’t disappoint me.

A big, big thumbs up, definitely recommend to mainly normal and combo skin, but I’m sure it would work for both dry and oily skin types as well.

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