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You all probably already know how much I adore Aritaum. So far I’ve been loving every single thing from them (maybe except like… one?) and I really think people should talk about this brand way more. So here I am, talking about Aritaum once again, this time about their Mirror Gloss Tint.


The packaging is very simple. Black with coloured top and lettering – the colour represents the shade you choose. On the top it has dark grey letters ‘Mirror Gloss Tint’. On the back, there’s the name of the shade and a sticker with name, shade and barcode.

It comes with a doe foot applicator that is very similar to Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint except that it’s not curved the same way. This one is only bent so it fits perfectly between the lips.


There are 15 shades available.

I’ve got the shade no. 9 and no. 12. Actually for the review purposes I only got the shade no. 9 but I liked it so much that I had to buy another shade and since I don’t have proper pink tint, it happened. But honestly, I want all the shades, they are just so stunning!

Official swatches (+ ingredients)

My swatches

You can see, my swatches are a little darker and no. 12 is more pinkish.

I have different opinions on the two different shades. Both are amazing, glossy, moisturizing and smell and look so good. And even though they are super glossy, the are not sticky! That was my issue in one tint before from Aritaum but not here. Oh, another huge plus, it doesn’t emphasize dry patches on my lips! However, it is not very long lasting and you have to retouch and reapply it.

Shade no. 9 is amazing blue undertoned blood colour, I love this shade so much! I think it looks amazing when you just want a little colour to look more awake and also when you want all the attention to your lips. It’s absolutely stunning for gradient lips (I don’t like these bold colours on my lips).

On the other hand, shade no. 12 is perfect as full coverage to complete the everyday look. So this tint quickly became my go to product; if I don’t know what lip product I should wear, I wear either one of these two or Skinfood Vita Color Tint Lip Oil.


Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this! I mean, I bought an extra shade and it quickly became my go to holy grail, that already says something. If you don’t mind bringing a tint with you and just check it after some time, you should get this! I love it so much since I have dry lips and a lot of tints set into the dry patches.

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