Review: Aritaum Color Lasting Tint


My oh-so-beloved Aritaum again. This time with their Color Lasting Tint. I really think that this brand should get more attention because, as I said earlier, I love every single product I have ever tried from them. And I’m not paid to say that or something, I just think their makeup is simply amazing.


Starting with the packaging, it’s a classic case for tint. Black with stripe, writing and a ‘swipe’ in the colour that represent the shade you choose. I chose the shade No. 2 Baby Wink so my case is in red/coral colour.

The tip is an applicator with a hole in the middle so pretty normal applicator for tints. However, it is way fuzzier than other tints that I own and it feels really soft on my lips.

Ingredient list from Aritaum’s official website.


There are 15 shades available which is a wide range of colours in my opinion. I’ve got shade No. 2 Baby Wink, as I’ve already mentioned. This shade is gorgeous pinkish red, exactly the colour I love (as I mentioned in my Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint review ). The colour is kind of sheer but is easily buildable so you can get a really beautiful deep colour on your lips (shade no. 15 would be perfect for this, I really want that shade). However, it can get a little patchy and look not so great.

The smell of this tint is fruity, it reminds me of Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge since both has that vodka like smell, but this Aritaum tint isn’t as strong.

The lasting property let me down, honestly. Since it’s called Color Lasting Tint, I thought it would last for more than just a few hours. But no, it lasts only for about 3 hours.


As you can see, the colour is gorgeous and very flattering on my skin.


I like this tint, I love using it, it’s amazing colour for spring and summer, but I don’t like it as much as I like f.e. my Skinfood Vita Color Tint Lip Oil. Why? Simply because Skinfood isn’t as patchy and is more moisturizing. But it’s no big deal, I still love wearing it so yes, I recommend this.

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