Review: Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge


I fell in love almost immediately.

When I saw a video swatches of this tint, I decided I needed this in my life. All the colours looked so amazing in the video but two of them caught my eyes. The coral and the lavender ones. So I got them!

Today’s photos are featuring blurred Yoongi as my wallpaper heh. Also I got new camera (the oh so legendary Canon PowerShot G7 X) a month ago and these are the first photos here with it ūüôā


I really love how the packaging has¬†the colour at the bottom. It’s just so much simpler to find the one you’re looking for.


So I’ve got two shades (couldn’t deal with having only one since I honestly want all of them).¬†#1 Coral and #8 Lavender. There are 10 shades available (I really want #7 Strawberry milk pink and #10 Rose).



As you can see, the applicator is slightly pointy at the top, which is great for your cupid’s bow. It’s also slightly bent so it’s easy to get in the middle of your lips.

I honestly haven’t tried using them as gradient since the colour is a little¬†sheer on my pigmented lips.


Swatches on my lips (sorry that the lighting changed a little bit, it was on two different days, both are in natural daylight):


The colours are really pretty! Lately I’m really into coral and lavender shades so these two are perfect for my growing collection.

When you first apply it, it’s really sheer. But give it a few minutes and it stains your lips and gives them¬†really nice tint – the colour gets¬†way darker and more pigmented. The finish is really¬†shiny and your lips look so juicy. It’s really pretty. And it’s not even sticky, I don’t get it. Usually when you have something really shiny, it’s extremely sticky and your hair are always stuck on your lips. But that’s not the case here. Even if you wipe it off after letting it set, your lips will still be tinted.

The smell of these is a little bit alcoholy? Like the coral one smells like peach vodka, the lavender like lavender vodka, to be quite honest. However, once you apply it, you don’t smell it anymore. Also the taste of these tints is really sweet. I had a chocolate chia pudding for my breakfast yesterday and it wasn’t sweet enough and I had this tint and it was enough to make the pudding¬†sweet enough, heh. Like it’s not that extremely sweet but if you lick your lips, you will definitely notice the strong taste.

The staying properties aren’t somehow amazing. It’s like a regular tint. I usually reapply it like two – three times per day. Well when I notice it’s gone. I love applying this, honestly. I love the tip and I loooooove the colours.

I really highly recommend this to everyone. It’s really good, I just love it. I¬†don’t own any tint that is this good. And I have a loooot of tints, trust me.

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