Review: Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm


Recently I’ve been really into cleansing balms and creams, rather than oils. Not that they are more effective, but they are definitely more fun. I’ve also never tried anything from Hope Girl and this balm looked really nice (yes, the pink colour got me…) so I had to try it.


Starting with the packaging (as always), it is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t help it, the combination of pink and orange looks just stunning. There are small grapefruits all over the box. English information, directions and ingredients are on the right side of the box.

The container has a white base with two stickers on it (one on top and one around the body) that has the exact same design as the box.


The sherbet is pastel pink with a hint of orange and has a very interesting texture. It almost feels like a soft crushed ice that isn’t cold? I don’t know how else to describe the feeling. But after rubbing it between your palms, it melts into an oil.

It has a prominent grapefruit fragrance, so if you are sensitive or bothered by strong scents, you should skip on this. To me, it smells like heaven. I love citruses so I adore the smell.

Here’s a test on my arm. As you can see, you need less amount of product than with Tonymoly cleansing cream. It removes everything without any issues (even after all day of wearing makeup, incl. waterproof mascara).

However, once I’m done massaging and dissolving all the junkie makeup and start rinsing it off, it is very hard to make it come off! The makeup mixed with the oil just doesn’t want to wash off. It does, a little, but it leaves an oily film on my skin, as well as some makeup mixed with it and I have to use a second (foam) cleanser to get rid of it. It’s not /that/ big of a deal since I always double cleanse, but I’m saying it in case someone uses only one cleanser. I know for sure that when I used my all time favourite All Clean Balm by Heimish, this didn’t happen and everything could be washed off with just lukewarm water.

On the other hand, I took this with me when I was travelling for a week, and it was working pretty well. Due to the oil film, even if I use very a drying foam cleanser, my skin feels quite nice, rather than dried out as it would if using another oil cleanser.


Even though I have one issue with this, I still love it and use it daily. This cleansing balm and basically any foam cleanser combo works amazingly. I think that if you do double cleansing, this would be amazing for all skin types. So in conclusion, I highly recommend this cleanser!

You can get your own on Jolse*.

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