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Oh lord, it has been a while since I had actually tested and reviewed some base makeup. Peripera is, unlike some other brands (yes, I’m looking at you, Etude House), on my very good side. I really enjoyed their Ink Drop BB cream but then, I wasn’t keen on their Blur Pang BB cream so their relationship with my skin was so-so. However, I’m always very excited when I get their products which is why I’ve decided to try the new Inklasting Cover Foundation. So let’s take a look, shall we?


Please note that, as I believe, my packaging is old and peripera has now rebranded all their products’ designs. I placed my order roughly a month and a half ago, I believe that was the last round of older design.

The box is relatively simple – the colour is light beige with darker beige graphics. On the back of the box, there’s some information, incl. ingredients list, in Korean, and on the right side there’s the same information in English. I am not including a closeup to ingredients because I will be including a list in the Product section below.

The bottle is as simple as the box, but this time, the lid is very pretty rose gold colour. The material used for both, the bottle and the lid, is a very light matte plastic that has cloudy look to it. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the look of the lid. Yes, it has a nice colour, but that’s about it. It had an extremely cheap look (possibly because it’s trying to mimic a metal-ish look) compared to the soft-looking bottle. According to the pictures online, the new design has a plain white lid which, in my opinion, is a way better look.

Once the lid is unscrewed, it reveleas a nozzle. This plastic nozzle is hollow in the middle and that’s where the products gets out. I’m quite liking this, it’s hygienic (as you can wipe it clean anytime) and it doesn’t expose the liquid to the oxygen. Pretty neat.


There are three shades available: #1 Ivory, #2 Beige, and #3 Sand.

I’ve ordered the lightest shade, #1 Ivory, and sadly, it is still a bit too dark for me. It may not be visible on the pictures below, but there’s definitely a dark line on my skin if I don’t blend it down my neck. And it’s summer, by the way, I’m supposed to be darker than the rest of the year. The shade is also very yellow based.

It has SPF 30 PA++, which seems to be the standard for peripera‘s products. I appreciate some SPF in my base makeup, however, don’t rely on just this and use suncream under or over (I got a suncream mist recently and I’m obsessed with it now).

Since I’m not that much into ingredients, here’s a link to an external site – Skincarisma – that lists all ingredients.

Now let’s take a look at each of their claims and the reality on my skin. First, here’s the before and after application of a single layer:


Covers the skin lightly and comfortably with the coverage of concealers and the smooth texture of foundations.

The coverage of this particular foundation is pretty decent. I would say it’s medium, buildable to medium-high. It evens out the skin and prepares an almost blank canvas for you to work with. I say almost because some more prominent marks (such as acne) can be seen through one layer, but it completely covers my now light acne scars. It is very light and looks like a second skin. The finish is absolutely beautiful and soft, but also matte which we can blame the alcohol for.


The long-lasting coverage fixes the makeup on the skin all day long with superb adherence.

This foundation is not as long-lasting as they claim. It started separating around my mouth (if you read any of my previous foundation or bb cream reviews, you know that this is the one thing I’ve always been struggling with) and settling into my smile lines almost immediately. However, it’s not to the point where it’s unbearable to look at. With an addition of a primer (currently, I’m testing one – this information is only for Patrons uwu), it almost eliminates this problem and stays nice for a longer time.

Without a primer, after 8 hours of me being in work and +- 2 hours, it looks… terrible. It starts to get a little patchy and starts separating way more. It’s not horrifying and can easily be touched up but I’m lazy and I hate touching up during the day (mainly bc of my bronzer, blush and highlighter).

It doesn’t really set into my fine lines which was a fairly surprising discovery when I first tried it on. The texture of the product itself is fairly liquidy but is not watery as it has some viscosity. Once applied on the skin, the foundation isn’t sticky and doesn’t transfer, it sets itself pretty easily so you don’t necessarily need any setting powder. However, it sets really fast so if you are like me and like to put dots all over your face before blending everything out, don’t. Once it starts drying, it’s pretty hard to make it blend.


I’m in a love-hate relationship with this particular product. It looks absolutely gorgeous when freshly applied, but after a few hours, I stop liking it altogether.  It’s very drying and is more or less only good during the summer since I can already tell that during the winter, it will just look crusty.

However, if your skin is not as dehydrated as mine, I’d say give it a shot. It really is beautiful and would last you the whole day.

You can buy your own on Jolse or Cosmetic-Love (you can use code saurich for 10% off).

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