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So far, I have tried two lip products from Peripera and if you read my reviews for them (Lumi Pang and Peri’s Cushion Lips), you know I have mixed feelings about them. However, Lumi Pang is my holy grail lip product so I’ve decided I should try another product and Jolse was so nice to send me The Girl’s Cabinet which is a new (and apparently limited edition) set where you have 4 lip products and a BB cream from Peripera’s Ink collection. So this review is basically a few reviews at once.

I will start with saying that I have filmed a video review for this particular set and will point to it a few more times throughout this review. So here it is:


The box is super-duper adorable, it is in baby blue colour, just like the cabinet. The box and the cabinet itself have identical designs, both have some English information on the back which is always a good thing.

The stickers are just as adorable as the cabinet. You get a random set of them but from the pictures, they are almost the same.

Inside of the cabinet, you get 5 tiny little cute bottles.

The applicator is the same in all five bottles, it’s small and flimsy, flat “doe foot” type.


There are two versions available (you’re getting different shades in them): Blue and Hot Pink.

I got the Blue one with the cute stickers (which you can see on the pictures above). As I mentioned in the intro, you’re getting five products in miniature sizes. Two of them are Ink Original – shades Captivating Quartz and No.3 Rapid Heartbeat, one Ink the Moisture – shade No. 3 Lip Queen, one Ink the Velvet – shade No. 1 Sellout Red, and one Ink Drop BB – shade No. 2 Bright Beige.

I wish they gave you the option of shades of the BB cream because this shade is too dark for me (as seen in the video), it corresponds to regular Korean shade 23.

To see the longevity and coverage test of the BB cream and swatches of the lip tints, check out the video review.

Now I should start talking about each product a little.

Ink Original

This is the original formula of Peri’s Ink. It’s not overly moisturizing, nor drying, it’s the perfect balance in between.

Captivating Quartz is the best shade ever. It’s so flattering and beautiful. It’s like your every day pink shade.

Rapid Heartbeat is a nice orange shade, however, I don’t find orange tones as good-looking on my complexion as pink tones.

The longevity of these two isn’t spectacular, it is like your regular lip tint, you will have to reapply it in a few hours. The shades aren’t crazily pigmented but they leave a nice stain behind.

Ink the Moisture

This formula is great for dry lips (me) and winter time. It feels nice on the lips, mouisturizes your lips without being overly shiny or sticky.

Lip Queen is a neutral toned red, I think this kind of shade would look good on most of the people. Again, it is not overly long-lasting.

Ink the Velvet

I love this formula. It’s matte, feels super soft and nice on the lips. It’s not drying at all, it’s very smooth.

Sellout Red is beautiful blue toned deep red. I think this would look stunning with dark eyes and hair. It’s the classic red, I feel like.  Probably my second favourite shade. Also, not sure if it’s because of the formula or dark shade, but this lasts the longest out of all the lip products in this cabinet.

Ink Drop BB

First off, this is the shade no. 2 so it is definitely way too dark. However, it’s not as dark as Etude House Double Lasting Foundation. The coverage is light, buildable to medium. It won’t cover a bigger marks, you’d still have to use a concealer. However, it is very light and feels like nothing on the skin. It evens out my complexion and looks like skin. It is very long-lasting and looks really nice.


Ah, I love small things so this a perfection to me. I also like it because of the fact, as said in the video, I buy too many different beauty products that it is almost impossible to use up something. You also get a chance to try different formulas and shades. And for the price you’re getting an amazing quality, I’m really pleasingly surprised.

Highly recommend this! Grab this as soon as you can because we can’t know how long this will be available. It is worth every penny, plus it’s adorable~

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