Review: too cool for school Artclass by Rodin Shading


Artclass by Rodin is pretty popular between the kbeauty community, mainly thanks to this contour palette since it has cooler toned shades and not too orange ones that just don’t look right. I’m bringing you three reviews for all the three products from this collection. Starting with the most popular one, Shading.


The box is really pretty. It’s very simple, yet aesthetically very appealing. Sadly, the ingredients are in Korean, however, we are still getting some English tips, which is also good.

The casing itself has the same design as the box, except the fact that the colours are inverted. It is a brown sticker on a black case.

When you open the lid, you see there your beautiful shading palette with three different shades. It’s also protected with a plastic sheet. You’re getting a nice sized mirror which is always a good thing.


I’ll start with the shades. Here are the swatches (one swipe with finger).

They aren’t dark nor super pigmented, they lean more towards lighter (the lightest one is almost my skintone and I’m pale as hell) and sheerer shades, which is expected since it’s a Korean product, Koreans are pale and shading and contouring isn’t that popular. They mainly use it just to make their face seem smaller, not to add dimension like the “western” trend does.

I use my “Nars Ita Kabuki Brush” (using brackets because I don’t have the original) with this, swiping it from the top down so I have all the three colours on the brush, creating a soft gradient from the darkest to the lightest. Then I “contour” my cheekbones. It’s very settle and natural.

Even though the shades are so light and sheer, you can kind of build it up to show a bit more. However, you won’t get the same effect as with some contouring kit from Sephora or something.


I really enjoy this product, it’s very natural and it’s perfect for everyday wearing since it’s not too dramatic. I recommend this to everyone who just wants a little something.

To read the ARTCLASS by Rodin Highlighter and Blusher, click on the names.

You can buy your own on Jolse or Cosmetic-Love (you can use code saurich for 10% off).

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