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I’ve been using oil cleansers ever since I got into Korean beauty but I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing balm for a long time (the famous one from banila co.), but instead, a few weeks ago I saw a new brand called Heimish. Some people were talking about their cleansing balm so I’ve decided I’d like to try this one first and Jolse was really nice and sent me one to try out. Here are my thoughts~


The box is fairly simply designed. The top and front side have a leaves pattern in pink and brown colours. The other sides of the box are plain white. On two sides (left and right), there are some information, including ingredients list; one side is Korean, the other side is English.

The case is as simple as the box. The top having the same leafy pattern. It is made out of plastic, however, the bottom of the jar has the look of a clouded glass.

When you open the lid, there’s a spatula that has its own ‘sitting place’ to hold it in place.

The spatula is pretty basic cosmetic one and I’m glad they included one. It has great shape to pick up the right amount of product.


After opening the lid that’s covering the balm, you get to see this hard to touch white balm. You really only need a little amount to do its own thing.

Now watch the magic. I tried it on my arm because I like to use point remover for my eyes (since I have extremely sensitive ones and they freak out almost at anything), so to try if it removes mascara (which is the hardest thing even for point removers), I put on my arm all the regular stuff. Liquid eyeliner, regular pencil eyeliner, mascara, concealer (Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer) and a foundation (HERA UV Mist Cushion) and tried to remove it by just the balm.

The balm is supposed to turn into an oil, and after adding a little of water to a milky texture.

I picked up a really tiny amount of the balm and started massaging it into the skin. The balm turns into an oil almost immediately. The concealer, foundation and pencil liner were almost instantly gone, the liquid eyeliner and mascara took a little extra massaging. After adding a little water and, the oil turned into a milk like texture. After rinsing it with water, my skin was clean as if nothing was there.

Finally, there is absolutely no residue after rinsing it with water so you don’t even have to use any foam as a second cleansing step. The skin feels surprisingly moisturized rather than dry, since you don’t have to do double cleansing. It takes care of everything.


I highly, highly, highly recommend this new heimish product. I think I fell in love almost immediately. I’ve been loving my Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil (Mild) (mentioned in my Acne Skincare Routine) for over three months now, but this All Clean Balm by heimish might be a new favourite. It’s great for oil skin types and you really don’t have to do double cleansing.

You also get 120 ml of product for only $14.40 on Jolse, which is an amazing price, considering that banila co. costs around $19 for 100 ml.

You can get your own on Jolse*.

Also I’m thinking about getting the banila co. and comparing how these two compare and which one is better, because as I said, there is quite big price difference (heimish is $12 per 100ml).

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