Review: A’Pieu Rilakkuma Triple Correcting Powder


I love Rilakkuma. So what else you could expect from me than get some of the new A’Pieu products that are in collaboration with this cute character. I’ve bought the cushion and the blusher with my own money, plus I’ve received the Triple Correcting Powder from Jolse! Let me tell you what I think about it.


I think we all can agree that the packaging is super cute. The cap is white and the top is pink with cute picture of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori. The bottom is transparent so you can see the dividers and each colour of the powder.

Once you open the cap, you can see the very soft puff that’s pretty much the same as the one in Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. The sifter is covered by a simple sticker.

I already posted this on my instagram but one big con is that the sifter is kind of loose there so when I first used it, it completely fell out, as you can see on the picture below. I use loose powders either that I turn them around, so the powder falls onto the puff provided, or I pour some of the powder into the cap and take it out with my powder brush, Beauty Blender or the puff provided. The sifter fell out in both cases so the colours ended up completely mixing and were all over me and my vanity. A huge minus from me for this.


Even though the packaging isn’t amazing at all, the powder is. I’m not sure if the three colours have some effect on my face since I feel like they’re pretty much all translucent but maybe the pink is one brightening for dull faces. For me and my neutral undertone the colours don’t do much.

However, the powder mattes the skin amazingly and sets the makeup perfectly, no matter how dewy the base is. It also makes the makeup last way longer and not get as oily as without it.

Also you get a good amount of powder (when you compare it to f.e. the Innisfree one).


I love the powder, I really do. It sets and basically locks everything in place, which is huge plus for me and it oversizes the minus for the falling out since I always feel like my makeup is moving around (mainly Hera UV Mist Cushion, that thing moves around like crazy) and separates. Also since the packaging is so cute, I think I will try to find a way to make it not fall out so that I can use it with other loose powders (I love the puff, it’s so soft and big so it’s easy to cover the whole face quickly).

I highly recommend this powder to every oily skin type! It will help you a lot. And if you’re like me and you get oily but you like the dewy wet look, just set your T-zone and you’re good to go. This product also does a great job in matting throughout the day.

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