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Remember my lovely BCDation Cushion+? Ever since I tried that cushion, I’ve been wanting to get the BCDation+ to test it out if it’s as good as the cushion version. MyKoreanMakeup was so nice and sent me the foundation to try out so here it is.

Before I start, I want to mention that I filmed a comparison between this BCDation+ and the BCDation Cushion+. Check it out:


For the box, it’s pretty much the same as the cushion’s box. Simple black, the front side is semi matte and the sides, including the top and bottom, are glossy. The letters are in silver ‘metalic’, except the BCD and BCDation+ on the front side. I love this whole BCDation packages. You basically have ABC BCD CDE on the front, but only the middle letters (BCD) are white so they are always visible. This applies to both boxes and both product packages. So pretty.

The foundation bottle itself looks very luxurious and high end. It is very similar to Hera Vital Lifting Foundation (which I want to get in the future). They give you 40 grams of product, that’s great for the price. It is made out of plasting, the bottom is transparent so you see the shade you chose.

It comes with a pump which is great. I bought some western foundation and I was pretty disappointed that a lot of them don’t have any pump and you’re just supposed to dump it out. I just think pumps are more hygienic and easier to use. On the side of the bottle, there’s also an indicator (also mentioned in the video review) of how much product you have left, which is nice.


There are 2 shades available: 01 Vanilla Beige and 02 Skin Beige.

I’ve got the 01 Vanilla Beige since I’m basically white. Also I have the cushion in this colour. The shade is very light (although I feel like the cushion is a little bit lighter) and it’s a perfect match for me. On the swatch it looks like it is really yellow based but it’s not as bad on the face (as you can see down below or in the video).  Actually I feel like it blends into your skin tone perfectly. But maybe that’s just a feeling, I prefer yellow or neutral based products since when I use pink base, it just emphasizes my red face.

The texture and consistency isn’t liquidy at all, it’s way thicker than for example Double Lasting Foundation by Etude House. It is very easy to blend out (both with Beauty Blender and air puff) and it feels very light on the skin.

The coverage isn’t as high as the cushion, it’s more sheer and looks more like skin – with wet Beauty Blender, with puff the coverage is higher but still not as high as the cushion. But I’d say it is medium coverage, easily buildable to high. It evens out the skin nicely and covers pimples with extra dabbing.

The finish is beautiful. It’s semi matte and very natural.

It has SPF30 PA++ which is nice, but if you read my previous review, you know I want full protection so I still use my sunscreen (SPF50+ PA+++) under it.

Now to the worse part:

Without primer

It creases into the fine and smile lines but not as much as the cushion (as mentioned in the video). After one hour it starts emphasizing pores and separating around the nose and chin due to my oils (as you can see down below). After three hours it’s terrible and needs retouching because the pores are huge, it gets oily, is easily rubbed or smeared off and transfers. At first it doesn’t transfer as crazily as the cushion but over time, it’s about the same. At the end of the day, it disappeared off my chin and above my upper lip (my critical parts). Not long lasting at all.

With primer

No problems, it looks beautiful way way longer, doesn’t emphasize pores almost at all, however, it does separate a little bit after like… 6 hours? I used primer in the video and you can see, it still looked great.


I think it is a great foundation if you use primer and don’t have oily skin. If you do have oily skin and don’t want to use any primer, definitely set it with powder. Otherwise, there’s really no need for it to be set.

I like and use this foundation on the days when I want to take pictures (lip product reviews) or film videos or have something quick and don’t need anything super long lasting. If you don’t mind retouching or use primer/powder, I say go for it! It’s really great, doesn’t break me out, the coverage is really nice and the colour matches me. What other reasons to buy this do you need?

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  1. Vik

    You are so cute. 🙂 I think I prefer the liquid form on you. I have the original BCDation CC cream, and it’s fine, but the separation really annoys me, too.

    1. omo thank you! I like them both probably equally, just the cushion is easier to carry around. And I really want to try the original, it would be interesting to see how they changed it, if they even did.

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