Review: Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes


Finally some eye shadow on my blog! Well it’s an eye shadow palette but that’s even better. I’m talking about my new Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes that I got from MyKoreanMakeup, I’m so excited to talk about this because I’ve been kind of neglecting the eyes and I really want to get more into eye makeup in general.


It first comes in a clear plastic wrap without any box. The cover is plastic and in a brown colour, the top is metallic brown and the bottom is just regular glossy brown.

The palette comes with 6 shades. I got the #01 Berry Chiffon so my shades are: Berry paste (that broke on me :c), Milk berry, Whip butter, Cocoa powder, Brown sugar and Choco chip (swatches below). It also comes with small plastic covering the shadows and a nice sized mirror. The second one that’s available on MKM is #02 Orange Pound and has different shades.

It comes with a really soft brush. The brush is good for picking up the product and patting it on the lid. It’s not really good for blending since it’s not fluffy but it is so soft, softer than my first brushes I got a few years back. But it’s not as soft as my brushes from BH cosmetics.


Berry Chiffon has 6 matte shades. They are very natural, the light ones (Whip Butter and Milk Berry) aren’t as pigmented, they’re more sheer than the darker shades. The 4 darker ones shades are nicely pigmented (as you can see on the swatches down below). Orange Pound (the one I don’t have) has 4 matte shades and 2 shimmer ones. I was really thinking about getting that one but I’m more of a pink person.

Since they are matte, they don’t move around nor crease, staying matte all day long. I haven’t used any primer underneath them and they really lasted the whole day. Maybe primer would be good to make the shade Milk Berry more vibrant because it’s almost invisible.

They blend very easily with basic blending brush. They are powdery so definitely cover the lid with Whip Butter to make it possible to blend.

You can also take the little eye shadow pans out of the palette and reorganize them or switch some shades if you have other palettes to have your own mix of shadows for your preferred eye look.


Whip butter is almost my skin tone so you can’t really see it. It’s great for the base all over the eyelid or as a highlight if you’re any darker than me. My favourite shade is Berry paste (the one that I broke :c) because it’s really vibrant reddish pink and we all know I love this shade. Cocoa powder is great as transition shade. Choco chip is dark cool brown that is great at the very outer edge to deepen the crease and/or for soft eyeliner look, I use it for both purposes.


I love this palette. It gives you the basic 4 shades you need to create beautiful basic smokey eyes or just any basic eye makeup. Then you can choose whatever you want on the lid as the “main” colour. I’m a little disappointed that the Milk Berry is barely visible because it looks so beautiful in the pan. But I do recommend it, it has great basic shades to get you started.

Here I have the shadows on only the left eye. I used all of the shades. Mascara is from my previous review (Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 2X).

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