Review: Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 2X


I love mascaras. I mean, who doesn’t? But I’ve always used only one from Gabriella Salvete, unfortunately it was flaking all over my undereyes. So I thought to myself ‘I really should try some new ones’ and since I’ve been eyeing this Magic Pole Mascara for over a year, I was really happy when MyKoreanMakeup sent me one.


Let’s take a moment to admire this beautiful box. It is shaped like a triangle with one English side, one Korean and one is for the name. The box is in gradient from dark to light purple with holographic letters and dots on the front side. The letters on other sides are silver.

The case of the mascara is just as beautiful as the box. It is in gradient that has chrome finish, but this time from dark purple to silver. The letters are in silver.

The wand is a little different from regular ones. It has kind of a ball at the end which you’re supposed to use to separate the lashes. The ball works really well on lashes in the inner corner and bottom lashes. It is plastic wand, the bristles are hard which I like in my mascaras, it makes me feel like the product is really getting in between the lashes.


There are 4 options available: 01 Volume & Curl, 02 Long & Curl, 03 Volume&Curl (Waterproof), 04 Long & Curl (Waterproof).

I’ve got the 02 Long & Curl since I’ve read somewhere that the first one’s wand is harder to use. However, maybe I should get one, I’m more into bigger volume than length. But I got the one for length. I’m not a big fan of waterproof mascaras since they’re harder to use.

First off, not many people like the wand on this mascara but I do. I think it’s interesting and it does its job so I don’t see a problem there. However, there is one con for me on the wand and that is that it has too little bristles. I really wish it had more of them, I think it would do a better job in separating the lashes.

The product itself is quite watery and wet and takes a little more time to set.

My lashes are blonde and this is really beautiful deep black colour. I’m saying this because in my life time, I’ve already had black mascaras that weren’t really black.

It does a really great job at lengthening the lashes but they end up looking a little like long spider legs. Also the lashes stick together, even if you use the little ball to separate them – this might be because of the wet texture I talked about earlier.

I haven’t tried layering it since my lashes are already long so I don’t ever do second layer of mascara. But I’m not sure if layering is a good idea because your lashes might really end up looking like spider.

The good thing is that it doesn’t flake off! Yay! And it stays the whole day looking exactly the same. But it is a tad harder to take off. Like it’s not something bad, it still removes way easier than my mascara from Too Cool For School but it’s not as easy as Etude House’s mascara, just keep it in mind or use a good point makeup remover.


I think it is a good mascara if you don’t care about volume and just want looooong lashes. For me personally, I will use this on regular days and on other days mainly on my bottom lashes, I feel like it does an amazing job on them. If you want to try it yourself, I’m saying go for it, the wand is great. And if you don’t like it, just clean the wand and use it with other mascaras, heh.

Here’s a picture of my eyes with the mascara. Also don’t mind the lack of eye shadow on my right eye, I was trying out my new Skinfood palette (review will be up soon) that MKM sent me as well.

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