Review (acne skin): Tonymoly BCDATION Cushion+


It was a love on a first try so I just have to write about it.

*This cushion is mentioned in my huge cushion comparison, pt 1.

I didn’t really want to make any makeup reviews since my skin condition is just bad and even tho I’m going to dermatologist and have a treatment, I feel like it’s getting worse and worse. But then I realized there may be some people with troubled skin who are looking for a good products to cover all the blemishes. So here I am. And note that this is hard for me, to show all the acne I am currently having due to the biggest break out in my life.

The key thing I am looking for in products at the moment is coverage. Not the natural look coverage but a proper one. Because of my treatment I have to use as little products as I can so I was really looking for some products that have really really high/full coverage. So I’ve got the new Etude House Big Cover Concealer BB and while I was at it, I thought “hm, I’ve always wanted to try the cushion by Tonymoly” so I bought it as well.

When I finally got the package (my biggest haul from Jolse, over $200, might as well do a haul), I didn’t really want to open the cushion since I already have so many of them (two more are coming, oops) and I wanted to wait. As first, I wanted to use up Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion but when I put it on on Wednesday, I’ve realized the coverage just isn’t enough to cover the blemishes (that’s how bad it is). So I decided to open this black beauty and try it. And man, I’ve never made better decision.

Before I start talking about the benefits, pros and cons, let’s look at the packaging, as always.


The box is simple yet elegant black. Just as the cushion. However the cushion is kind of sparkly.


I’ve got the lightest shade which is Vanilla Beige. There are 3 shades available.


You can kind of see the sparkles/glitter I was talking about. I absolutely adore the design, it’s so beautiful (totally not saying it because I love black heh).

Now I’d like to show you the size. The cushion is slightly bigger than others, meaning the mirror is bigger as well. Also the puff is slightly bigger. Compassion with IOPE Air Cushion XP and Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, excuse my dirty puffs.


The refill doesn’t fit into any of the cushion cases I own since it’s slightly bigger.


Okay, now back to the cushion itself. I have finally managed to take pictures of untouched, sealed cushion, yay.



The puff is regular air puff. Pretty bouncy as the others. It’s bigger than others tho.


The cushion from up close. Regular, as any other. However I kind of feel that this one provides you more product than other cushions.


The colour match is pretty amazing, hm?


Also here on my tattoo you can see the coverage. Now don’t think about this as medium coverage or lower. Tattoos are hard to cover even with full coverage concealers. You will see the proper coverage on my face later on but this is damn impressive. The tattoo isn’t that old so it’s pretty dark.


This is how much product you get from one pump. Now, I know it looks like not much but guys, this is enough for more than half of the face! I was so surprised!

Now let’s look at my terrible skin condition and the real, amazing coverage. I haven’t used any primer nor concealer. It’s just one layer plus dabbing on trouble areas.

bigger picture here

As you can see, the coverage is absolutely amazing. Like god, I was so surprised! I’m still surprised when I look at the pictures, I can’t believe that. Even my best friend was hella surprised (eh, repeating)! I showed it on the worse side of my face so you can properly see.

This flawless all in one base (bb cream, cc cream and foundation) gives glowing skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects. Light fitting likes air and glossy effect likes gel coating to the skin. Intensive hydrating for vital glowing skin tone. Hybrid dual cover system gives even coverage and long-lasting effect without darkening.

taken from jolse

It’s super hydrating and glowy/dewy. Since I have really oily nose/T-zone, I really have to set it with innisfree no sebum powder. However the pictures are without powder (well the 7h picture is about an hour after I’ve applied powder on my T-zone) and you can clearly see how glowy and brightening it is. Also the photos aren’t edited in any way.

It is really long lasting, as you can see on a picture below. It oxidizes only a little bit but still matches my skin perfectly so I don’t really have to blend it down my neck or anything.

It has SPF 50+ PA+++, which is perfect for me but it might make you white on photos when using a flash.

bigger picture here

The only con I have found so far is that it transfers. Not as much as other makeups but it does. But since it does 99% of the makeup I own, it’s no big deal, probably just my skin is weird or something.

So that’s all from my side, I hope you enjoyed this review or it, at least, helped you somehow. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs high coverage. It might not be the best solution for oily skintypes but when you check and use some powder on T-zone during the day, it should be fine (that’s what I do). However for dry skintypes, the hydration is absolutely perfect.

You can get your own on Jolse or Cosmetic-Love (you can use code saurich for 10% off).

Check out my comparison of this cushion and its liquid form!

Demo, review and comparison with other cushions:

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