Review: EcoTools Festive & Flawless Face Set


I finally found cheap good travel sized make up brushes!

You know I already have one 10 piece brush set (picture below) but they’re full size and mainly, there aren’t some brushes I’d like to have. Like these full face powder brushes (like Artclass Artist Finish Powder Brush by Too Cool For School <- I will buy this one once I have money kk) because when I apply powder with the Powder Brush in my already owned set, it’s like… you have to blend it and swipe it and if you just tap it, it kind of hurts even tho the brush is extremely soft.661545911

And recently (okay, two months ago) I found online this little 5 piece set with only face brushes. Not gonna lie, I thought they will be full size and was kind of shocked because of how small they are.IMG_0624

However when I looked at them online, I immediately fell in love. It has exactly the brushes I’ve been searching for. Like the full powder brush and buffing concealer brush.IMG_0619

Don’t get me wrong, I still use and love some brushes from my first set. This one just added to my collections the ones I really needed. So let’s take a look.

The box is gorgeous. I got the holiday set so they’re all silver and blue. The regular set has every brush with their own colour, that’s probably nicer but I didn’t know about it heh.IMG_0614IMG_0615popis

Uhm, I don’t really use it the way they tell you to. I don’t use the flat concealer and precision foundation brushes. Simply because the foundation is too small and well I don’t use brushes for foundation, I use airpuffs. These two brushes are still great, I just don’t use them.


The box is so beautiful, I still have them all in it, it just keeps them safe from dust and all.

Now to the brushes: in general, they are all extremely soft. The flat concealer and precision foundation are a little bit stiffer but that’s logical, they’re flat in the end-

IMG_0654IMG_0657As I said, I don’t really use this flat concealer one and that’s because I stopped using concealer because as my dermatologist said, if you have acne, use as little products as you can. That’s also why I can’t write review for Beauty Shot Face Blur primer by Etude House atm, I just stopped using it and will continue once my face is better.

But if I use concealer, I use it with buffing concealer:IMG_0646IMG_0651This brush is like everything I’ve ever wanted. I used to use airpuff from Skinfood’s Pore Fit Cushion Bottle for concealer but it’s still too big and I don’t really see where it is exactly tapping. But this brush is just amazing. Thanks to its small size, you can really control where you apply it and how much. Of course, I use it with my Aritaum’s Full Cover Liquid Concealer. I just put some on the back of my hand and pick it up with this brush.

IMG_0640IMG_0643Another brush I don’t use. It’s really, really small but I guess you could use it around eyes and nose, maybe as concealer brush as well?

IMG_0633-vertIMG_0638This one is really great for contour or blush.  Good brush but I don’t use blush lately (I’m trying to take away the redness, why should I put it back there?) and contouring only if I’m in a good mood or have something important.

IMG_0626-vertIMG_0631Now finally to the king of them all. Full Powder brush. I LOOOOOVE THIS BRUSH. It’s worth everything, it’s so good. So soft and it’s flat so you can just pat the powder and you don’t have to swipe and move all the make up underneath. I can’t even explain how much I love this brush, seriously.

In the end, I highly, highly recommend to try out these brushes. Or any other ones from EcoTools (I keep writing Exo, sigh) because they aren’t as expensive but they’re not as cheep either. But they’re definitely a good quality. If you’re looking for face set for travelling, these brushes are the top.

Where to buy?

You can directly search eBay for this product. I got mine from eBay, just look at the seller’s ratings.

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