Review: Etude House Secret Brush 121


Is it that great as they say?

The answer is simply yes. It gives you way better coverage than your fingers. It makes the product blend faster and easier. I’ll put a video where I use the brush.

So basically how you use the brush is that you put some makeup on your face or on the back of your hand (you’ll just pick it up with the brush) and start blending the makeup with small quick strokes. So you don’t pat it like f.e. duo fiber brush. The strokes have to be from the middle of your face out so the peach fuzz lays down in the direction it grows and the makeup doesn’t cake up.

You can use it with cushion foundation as well which I’ll show you once I get the Any Cushion from Etude House (which I ordered yesterday so it will be here in like two weeks). But basically you just open the cushion and pick it up from the inner sponge without using the airpuff.

It comes with the brush part which is changeable with the puff/sponge that is also included.

Sorry for no photos of the sponge, I didn’t know how to change it when I took the pictures. You just put your nail into the line and it pops out. I feel so stupid to be honest.

This is how it arrives:

And just some pictures of the brush itself:
IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0352 IMG_0353

And the difference between Aritaum’s BB cream applied with fingers and the brush:

You can buy your own on Cosmetic-Love (you can use code saurich for 10% off).

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