Review: Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion


I don’t know why I keep trying Etude House’s cushions when I so far didn’t really enjoy any of them. But well since I enjoyed their AC Clinic Daily products (mentioned in my Acne Skincare Routine), I thought I’d try out their new AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion so I asked Jolse to send me one. I tested it a few times so I think I have my opinion set.

*This cushion is mentioned in my huge cushion comparison, pt 1.


It comes in a green box (just like the AC Clinic Daily products). On the back you have the information and directions. On each side of the box, there are ingredients, on one side in Korean, on the other side in English. The shade you chose is written on the top of the box. Just like all other cushions from Etude House (I know I haven’t posted a review for any of them even though I have them almost all, I will do it in the future).

The cushion itself is plain green with a small writing ‘Etude House’ on the bottom. When you open it, there’s a big mirror and a beautiful puff. I really like the look of this puff. With the green thing you stick your fingers through (I have no idea what it’s called) and white writing. It looks better than the regular white puffs with pink on it, in my opinion.


The puff is classic air puff, but instead of being the classic blue, it’s white and bouncier. One con of the puff is that it stays wet for a really long time. I’d compare it to L’Oreal‘s puff which stays wet as well.

The sponge is basically a regular cushion sponge.

The case of this cushion is a lot smaller than the ‘old’ regular Etude House cushions. Also the button for opening it is different. It’s not even a button.



There are 3 shades available: 01 Light Beige, 02 Natural Beige and 03 Honey Beige. I chose the lightest one, as usual, and I have to say that it’s too dark. It’s way darker than other Etude House cushions I own. So if you are super pale like me, you might want to skip this product. If you usually get Honey Beige, get a Natural Beige here, it will suit you and won’t be too dark.

This is how much product you get on your puff with one single press.


The coverage is light to medium. I think it’s more like a light coverage. It barely evens out my skin and it doesn’t cover any scars or blemishes. The coverage isn’t even buildable for me. Also the light coverage tends to fade out as the time passes. It lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.

The product has very yellow/orange undertone to it and it oxidizes a little over time. The finish is very natural since it has practically no coverage. It has a better oil control than other cushions and is semi-matte. It’s very dry so it’s good for oily skin types. However, I found that for me, after 12 hours it got oily as hell. So I’d recommend set your T-zone with powder. Since it is dry, it can create dry patches but it doesn’t emphasizes pimples. It creases a little around the eyes and sets into my fine lines on my forehead and eyes and also into my smile lines. This is pretty normal for dry products on me since I have a combination skin, no big deal.

It doesn’t transfer as much as other cushions, but it can be easily rubbed off. For example when you blow your nose or something. It rubbed off around my chin and nose.

It has a strong tea tree oil scent. If you read my Acne Skincare Routine, you know that I use tea tree oil on my pimples and it helps a lot so I think it’s a good thing. But if you’re easily bothered by scents, this might annoy you.

One big con for me was that when I first used it, I got three pimples that day. Which isn’t the best thing for AC Clean Up cushion. However, it might be from some stress or something because I used it a few more times and no new pimples appeared.


I’m not the biggest fan of this cushion, I know ones that are way better (f.e. my Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+). I don’t hate it, I will continue using it when I have a breakout. Although I really wish it would have higher coverage, I’m sure most of the acne girls (or boys) want to cover their pimples, so that’s a con. However, I recommend this cushion for like basic days when you don’t need extreme coverage and want to take care of your pimples while still having at least something on your skin. Give this cushion a try, maybe you will be happy with it.

Demo, review and comparison with other cushions:

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    Great review! I like how you’re always honest with your opinions. I had high hopes for this. I wish it were more high coverage..

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