Review (acne skin): L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion


I have finally got my hands on some western cushion (L’Oreal) and these are my thoughts when I compare it to the Korean ones.

*This cushion is mentioned in my huge cushion comparison, pt 2.

I know it’s not the Lumi cushion everyone is talking about (that one isn’t available in Europe, however, I ordered it from eBay yesterday so stay tuned for a review) but it still is L’Oreal and I still can compare it to the regular Korean ones since I have so many of them already – more than 10 heh.

Before I start, I want to apologize for the lack of content past two weeks. When I wear something new, I always forget my thoughts about it, but I learned my lesson and made myself a small notebook where I write what I have on and what I think of it, it really helps since I’m writing about this cushion now.

Basically this is my first impression/review because I only used it once and it was yesterday. However, I have a lot of notes about it. As usual, I will start with the packaging.


This is a regular western drugstore product where you don’t get a box with it. Which is kind of sad, the cushion is beautiful and the box would look really great on my shelf.

Anyways you get a small pink cushion case with 14.6 grams of product. The price is ~$20 in my country. And you don’t get any refill nor can buy any. So every time you need a new one, you have to buy it with the whole case.

The bottom part of the case is matte pastel pink and the top shiny bright pink with a sticker on it. I love the packaging, don’t get me wrong, but with the sticker, it seems like they didn’t put that much money into it. But since I’m a pink lover, I still adore it and want to keep showing everyone and looking at it.

IMG_2784 IMG_2787 IMG_2788

I find it quite amusing that it is made in Korea. I think the Lumi cushion is made in the US but I’m not 100% sure.

IMG_2797 IMG_2796

Also I expected the puff to have the company name on it. The cushion itself is covered with a sticker, just like any other cushions. It’s written in more languages, as expected from a product that’s sold in Europe.


The puff is really bouncy and soft. It blends the product really well. The downside of it is how long it stays wet after using the product. It definitely stayed wet the whole day and even now, more than 30 hours later, it still feels a little wet.

After peeling the sticker off, you get to see this porous sponge, the holes are really big, wayyyy bigger than any Korean cushion I have tried so far. Well it means you get a lot of product on your puff.


And this is how much product you get from one light press on the sponge:IMG_0068


The first thing you notice when you open it is the smell. It’s not like it’s something strong but it’s unpleasant and odd. It smells like some old bar of soap. Maybe that’s just me, but the smell is really off for me.

Also how I talked about the bigger pores in the sponge and how you get a lot of product on your puff, that is really good because of the amount of product you need to use. Usually I use 3 presses but with this… I had to use at least twice as much product. Which sucks, considering you get no refill nor can buy any.

A good thing are the shades. You get totally 7 shades. I got the lightest one – 01 Porcelain – and guys, it actually suits me! Usually western’s lightest shades are too dark and orange for me but this one matches me perfectly! I’m literally so happy that it suits me so well.


The coverage of the product is light (well it’s called Nude Magique Cushion, duh) but it’s buildable to medium (that’s why I had to use so much product). However, you won’t be able to get more than medium coverage out of this. Which sucks for us, acne prone girls. It doesn’t fully cover the pimples nor any scars. It only evens out your skin. You can see it here, I had one bigger pimple and it didn’t cover it. So you definitely need to use some concealer!

Since it’s sheer, it gives you a very natural finish and it doesn’t look caky at all which is always good!

I was also very surprised, no not surprised, I was blown away by the long lasting property! It stayed on the whole day, looking almost flawless. And I didn’t even use the Beauty Shot Face Blur by Etude House. It made my big pores disappear and stay that way the whole day! Which is not something I can say about Korean makeup. Korean makeup tends to separate around my oily nose and chin and emphasize my pores but this does not. However, I recommend setting it with translucent powder (like the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder) because if you are oily skin type, you might need it. I didn’t set it with powder (except my nose) because I wanted to see this aspect and wow. Just wow.

It has SPF 29 which is a little bit low so use some sunscreen before applying this!

To the dewy aspect of this cushion. I honestly expected it to be more dewy. It’s not dewy at all when you compare it to other cushions, for example my lovely TonyMoly BCDation+ Cushion. It’s way dried that I would have expected, so I recommend using some more moisturizing moisturizer hah. However, it is glowy and the glow is really beautiful and natural.


I think L’Oreal did a pretty good job with this cushion. I was really amazed by the longevity, oil control and pore minimizing.  I recommend this cushion to basically everyone, mainly oily skin types because of the properties I talked about earlier.

Demo, review and comparison with other cushions:

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