Review (acne skin): April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0


The first Magic Snow Cushion has been a huge success thanks to April Skin’s advertisement on Facebook. I quite liked the first one (full review right here) so I was glad to see that they came out with a new improved version and had to get it.

Note: Comparison video review with the original version is right here.


First thing you notice is that they hugely improved their packaging. I’m not talking about just only the box, which is now matte black and metallic gold (which looks amazing), they simplified it and that’s nice.

But the real change is the case. The first one was really bulky and didn’t stand on its own on side, that means that the top part is no longer bigger in diameter than the bottom part! This personally really bothered me. The outer part of the case is just like the box, matte black with metallic gold April Skin logo.

After open the cushion, you can notice another big change – the puff is black and not white! This is great because a white puff is quite impossible to clean and it will always look stained. This black one doesn’t look dirty at all even right after using. I think that they even improved what the puff is made out of and honestly, this is the best air puff I have ever used (and I used quite a lot of them). I don’t know what the changed or how it is different from a regular blue puff but this thing is way better than a beauty blender. It makes your makeup just melt into the skin and adhere perfectly; ugh, I wish they started selling their puffs individually because you guys, even if you don’t like the cushion, it is worth to buy just for the puff – that’s how amazing it is.

They also improved the plastic covering the cushion sponge. All my other cushions only close with one little click on the side. This one makes three click sounds – side, top and bottom. This is another great improvement because now I feel like it is really safe from oxygen, aka drying out.

Once again, the sponge isn’t saturated fully when you first open it, nothing about it changed.


There are 3 shades available: #21 Light Beige, #22 Pink Beige and #23 Natural Beige.

This time I’ve ordered #21 Light Beige, not #22. Shade #22 is a little darker than what my skin looks like during the summer. Shade #21 is a perfect match for my winter complexion.

It has SPF50+ PA+++ which is perfect. If you’ve read any of my foundation reviews, you know I’m always up for the highest SPF possible and this is it (just like the first one).

The coverage is nice medium-high, buildable to high. It still looks like skin and doesn’t look cakey.

The finish is semi-matte which is the perfect balance. It doesn’t emphasize any dry patches as the original version did. But since it still is winter and it’s super cold here, my forehead feels a little too dry for my liking. But a spray of my Hinoki mist (mentioned in my skin care routine) solves it.

It doesn’t settle into my smile lines, however if you have a peach fuzz (mainly around your lips), it will cling to those hair. It creases around my eye area but I haven’t found a base makeup that wouldn’t do that.

The lasting property is a little better than the original since it lasts around 8 hours. After 8 hours, it starts separating and looking cakey around my mouth (problem area) but it is still bearable and I still look presentable (even after 10 hours in school) and I don’t have the urge to take it off as soon as I can.


I really like this cushion. It is way better than the original one, however, the differences aren’t that drastic so if you didn’t like the first version, you most likely won’t like the new one either. But I still recommend to give it a try. Even if it was just for the sponge, because girl, I want 20 of them.

Demo, review and comparison with the new version:

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