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I have finally gotten my hands on this April Skin cushion. Everyone was talking about their Magic Snow Cushions, both in white and black, but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to try it, hence I didn’t get it. But my curiosity was killing me so I asked BBcosmetic to send me one to try out.

*This cushion is mentioned in my huge cushion comparison, pt 2.

Note: Comparison video review with the new version is right here.


The box is matte black with white letters and black glossy letters on the “background” which just say April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. There’s almost nothing in English, the information, ingredients and directions are all in Korean. On top of the box, there’s the name and the shade. The back has some basic information.

Left side has ingredients on it and right side has some directions.

The case of the cushion is pure black with white letters. The top of the case is slightly bigger in diameter than the bottom which makes it basically impossible to stand, it just keeps falling back. The sticker that’s covering the sponge is a little different, on the bottom side it has second layer so no stickiness touches the sponge.

The sponge is white at first, not soaked with the product. Once you press in, it immediately soaks through. It’s a little dome shaped and I found that a tiny bit of the product gets on the plastic part that’s covering it. Also I feel like it’s a little different sponge than the regular ones with more pores? Not sure, maybe it’s like it just because it’s white and not soaked.

The puff isn’t blue as classic air puffs, but white. It’s very bouncy, like very very bouncy and soft. I guess it makes the product blend more easily.


There are 3 shades available: #21 Light Beige, #22 Pink Beige, #23 Natural Beige.

I got the shade #22 Pink Beige and it suits pretty well, although I could get the #21. But even though it’s supposed to be pink based, I found that it’s a little bit orange at first but turns into very wearable shade for me (I have neutral to slight cool undertone) and blends into my neck perfectly. The shade reminds me a tiny bit of my Double Lasting Foundation but not as dark. Also it doesn’t oxidize on me.

It has SPF50+ PA+++ = perfection. Tho I still use my lovely sunscreen with SPF50+ PA+++ as well, just to be sure.

The coverage is amazing. It has medium to high, definitely buildable. But it doesn’t feel too heavy. I didn’t have to use any concealer (other than under my eyes) which is very rare when I have some pimples.

The finish is almost powdery. It creates dry patches around pimples. Even tho it does create dry patches, there’s no dry feeling (which I have when wearing f.e. Double Lasting Foundation).

It doesn’t crease as much as other cushions I have tried but with time, it starts setting into fine and smile lines. It does not emphasizes pores! Finally some cushion! It transfers only a little, no big deal.

The lasting ability is better than regular cushions, it lasts for about 6 hours. After 8 hours I couldn’t wait to take it off because it looked so oily and was easily rubbed or smeared off. So definitely set with powder even during the day!

Even though it stays on for 6 hours, I’d say it needs some touch ups even during the 6 hours. It started bulking up around my chin into small dots like… an hour and half after application? After around three and half hours it started separating around my nose and chin due to the sebum. Seems like every single foundation will do this. After the 8 hours, it bulked up into small dots basically everywhere. Mainly around the bridge of the nose, between my brows and on my chin. Also it kind of disappeared from the bridge of my nose? Probably just moved around into the bulked part.


I like this cushion and enjoy wearing it even through all the downfalls. Mainly because of the coverage. And also the longevity isn’t as bad if you powder it throughout the day.

Now I’m not sure to who I should recommend this. It would be absolutely perfect for normal skin types. Oily skin types can make this work as well, just blot the sebum. For dry skin types, I’d recommend using a good moisturizer because of the patches or just buy the white version, it’s way more moisturizing. So I guess everyone can use this if you have the right attitude to it. Either way I say try it. This coverage is quite rare for cushions.

Demo, review and comparison with the new version:

Demo, review and comparison with other cushions:

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