Review: The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick


I’m so excited to review my first Korean lipstick ever – Black Label Lipstick from The Face Shop. I was sent this lipstick from Q-Depot to review so I’m here, bringing you my first review for The Face Shop.

I’ve already tried two products from The Face Shop and I really enjoyed them so why not try something else and new for me?


And again, lip product without any box. How sad. But still, the case of the lipstick is very pretty. It is dark grey with silver stripe in the middle. The whole case has has chrome finish, which as you can know from my previous reviews (Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint and Skinfood Vita Color Tint Lip Oil), I really love.

It’s a classic lipstick which you just twist up and get all the product. I’m sorry for my finger prints on it, I forgot to clean it before taking the pictures and the silver chrome catches basically everything.


There are 7 shades available: 02 Soft Coral, 07 Grace Pink, 10 Fashion Red, 116 Flower Pink, 11 Lovely Pink, 13 Pinky Brown and 437 Lady Wine.

I’ve got the shade 02 Soft Coral (I just love coral shades lately; yesterday I realized I don’t even have a proper pink one). And as you can see on the pictures down below, the colour looks beautiful. But I feel like it gets pinkier as time passes by. However, the colour is very vivid! One swipe is all you need really. On my swatches below, I think I swiped it once on my hand and twice on my lips since I’m used to that with lipsticks.

It has some tiny glitters in it but you can’t feel them at all. However, the glitter make the lipstick harder to take off with makeup wipe or just tissue, the glitter will remain. Also it leaves a slight peachy tint, which is always good in my opinion since it makes the lipstick last longer. This lipstick is very long lasting. I was honestly a little surprised since I’m not really used to having long lasting lipsticks. But this really does last, you can drink water and it will not disappear. But it is not smudge or kiss proof. When I kiss my hand, the mark is visible quite a lot. But it’s a lipstick, I expected it.

The texture is very soft and creamy and also moisturizing at first, but I found out that after some time it gets a little dry so I’d recommend using some balm over it if you have dry lips like I do.

Official swatches


My swatches



I love this! I’m quite surprised that I do (not the biggest fan of lipsticks) but this one is great. It’s long lasting, the colour is beautiful and I feel like the shade goes well with my skin undertone. I think you will definitely find a shade for you. I’ve read other reviews and everyone talks about how vivid this is and yes, you really need only a little.

So for me? Highly recommend!

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