Review: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar REAL vs FAKE


Let’s have some lipstick talk, shall we?

Few months ago I ordered the original Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in No. 2 Red Blossom from eBay for $25.15. I’d get it from Jolse but they had this shade sold out. Anyways so I’ve ordered it and ever since then it’s my go-to lipstick. I love the gradient this lipstick gives, the two shades are absolutely gorgeous together. The pigmentation is amazing, one layes is absolutely enough. It’s not glossy/sticky nor matte, which I love. And it stays on pretty decent amount of time. The packaging of this lipstick is gorgeous as well (I love silver and white). Here’s the box and the lipstick.IMG_0436IMG_0437IMG_0439IMG_0438IMG_0440IMG_0443IMG_0445IMG_0446

The only problem is the price. I’m not a millionaire so I can’t really afford every single shade I want (I want them all tbh but well). And about three weeks ago, I saw on YouTube someone had the lipstick but in black packaging. So I looked it up on eBay and found out there’s a “company” called 3GS that makes the same lipsticks as Laneige and it’s only $2.59! So I was like hell yeah, I’m gonna buy it and we’ll see if Laneige is worth all the money. So I got two shades, no. 6 and 9. The numbers are same as Laneige but it doesn’t have the names. So here’s Laneige’s colour chart.

LANEIGE_Two_tone_lip_bar_2g (1)
picture is taken from Jolse

As you can see, no. 6 is Pink Step and no. 9 is Dolly Grape. I wanted these two from the very first moment I saw the shades (I still want Cashmere Nude and Milk Blurring unu). So let’s take a look at them along with the original.


As you can see, I’ve already used a little bit from my Red Blossom. But the differences you can notice as soon as you get it in your hand. First thing – Laneige comes in beautiful box, 3GS comes just like that in some plain plastic bag. The packaging is pretty near, except is black, of course. Next thing you notice immediately – the button with which you stick out the lipstick (or how you describe it) doesn’t go that smoothly. Also when you pull a little from Laneige up, it doesn’t slide back down while you’re applying it, 3GS does that so you have to pull a little bit more, otherwise it all slides down and you won’t have anything to apply it with. The edges are really sharp even on the sides, Laneige has them slightly more smooth and curved. The product is a bit more stiff and the pigmentation isn’t as deep and gorgeous as Laneige’s.IMG_0875

I probably should have bought the “Red Blossom” to see if the colours really match so tell me if I’m wrong but I thought that the darker shade on Dolly Grape would be more into the blue/dark purple side? The shades aren’t really that great on me, they don’t go that well with my skin as Red Blossom does. But they are still pretty, I’m not saying they aren’t. For less than $3 it’s pretty good. They are definitely more glossy/sticky texture even tho they are way stiffer and they don’t last long at all. They don’t stain so once you eat something or if you lick your lips a lot (as I do), it will be away almost immediately.

After all I think they are good for their price. But if you have money or you wish for a lipstick that is really good quality, definitely spend the $25 on it.

But if you want the 3GS, just go on eBay and type something like ‘gradient lipstick’. They also have VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar for $2 which I also ordered (haven’t recieved just yet) but I don’t have the original for that so I can’t really compare that just yet.

I hope this was somehow helpful for you.

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    1. I have received the fake “VDL Triple Shot” I mentioned and the “company” that made it is called 3CE Eunhye House and the packaging and even the logo is totally the same as 3CE 3 Concept Eyes soooo

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