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As you may have noticed, Aritaum is probably my most favourite brand when it comes to makeup. I’ve written about their Full Cover line in the past (BB Cream, BB Cake and Liquid Concealer) so it was natural that I’d try some of their other products as well. I was checking out their Volume Up Oil Tint for a pretty long time and when Jolse sent me one, I was SO happy!


With many lip tints you don’t really get a box (sadly, I love collecting boxes ;;) and this tint isn’t any different. It only arrives with in a plastic wrapper and a small sticker over the cap.

The packaging is simply gorgeous. The cap’s gradient represents the shade you choose. I chose the shade No. 3 Bounce Pink so the cap is a really beautiful pink-red shade which is my most favourite colour.

It has a beautiful silver chrome finish which is absolutely gorgeous. The writing is in white so it’s a little tricky to make it visible on the photos. Also the fingerprints are pretty visible.

IMG_0164 IMG_0167

The tip has a really strange shape but it makes the application fairly easy.


First thing you notice when you open it is how damn beautiful this thing smells. It simply smells like heaven. And it even tastes like that! – I’m not eating it, just when I apply it, it sometimes gets inside while I rub my lips together.

The next is that because of the shape of the applicator, the product tends to clump up on the small hollow. But that’s no big deal.

The texture is really soft and easily blendable which is always a good thing. It’s way easier to blend than water based tints like my Dear Darling Tint from Etude House which dries fairly quickly. Since it’s an oil tint, it is very very moisturizing. It’s very shiny once you apply it (since it’s oil based) but after wiping it or something, it stains the lips prettily, it’s actually a little harder to take off. However I highly recommend exfoliating your lips before using it since it tends to get patchy and settle around the dry parts of your lips over time. But that happens after about 4 – 5 hours. So it’s long lasting. Then you can just reapply and you’re good to go. You can eat with it or drink and the tint will remain.

The colour is very vibrant and strong, maybe a bit too much for my liking. I usually stick to some light tints (that’s why I’m thinking of getting the shade No. 4 Cotton Blossom). Bold lips just don’t go well with my skin and all (you can see it on the picture bellow). I think that this tint (well this shade – no. 3) is perfect for gradient lips. It creates really beautiful one and the colour is just gorgeous.

Official swatches

My swatches


Here’s a comparison with another oil tint (review will be on soon).

oil tint


I really love this product. As I already said many times, this shade is my ultimate favourite and I’m glad I chose this one. It looks great on me when I have it as a soft gradient.

I recommend this tint to basically everyone. It’s fun to try an oil since it’s easier to blend than water based tints. Just exfoliate your lips if they’re dry, it will help prevent the patches a lot!

Here’s just a picture of me, wearing it. Makeup in the photo is my L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion.


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