Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack


April Skin still remains one of the most popular Korean brands of this year. But also Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask was popular. So what did April Skin do? They made their own carbonated mask that is pink! Ah, I love pink colour. But does this mask work?


The box is super duper adorable. It has little piggy’s head on the front.  The top part is darker pink and the sides are all white. Everything on the box is in Korean and the ingredient list is on the fourth picture. On the inside, there are little light pink piggies printed.

The tube looks exactly the same as the box. The lid is darker pink and the tube itself is white with pink bold name on the front side.

It comes with a clear spatula. In the video I mentioned that the product is hard to spread evenly with this spatula but it’s not something not doable.


As I said in the intro, the product is pink mud mask, the colour just stole my heart (I love pink soooooo).

The consistency is really gewy at first, the bubbles are very soft and once you massage them into the skin, it becomes gewy again.

It gives a tingly sensation during the bubbling up process. The first time I used it it wasn’t anything nice, it burned quite a lot for my liking. But the second time it didn’t burn at all, it just tingled on my cheeks.

Also as I said in the video, it doesn’t really clean my pores and I still have to use extractor after using the mask.

The first time, I used way too much (the photo is after the first application).


I filmed the timelapse and will post it as a review on YouTube (down below the photos) so these are the screenshots of the mask “growing”.


I think it’s really fun to use and  to play with. But is it effective? I don’t think so. It does cleanse the skin nicely, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t fully clean the pores. However, I think everyone should try it at least once.

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