Review: Teradia TD Repair Emulsion Serum


I received this Teradia serum some while ago to try out and I immediately fell in love. Let me tell you why…


Let’s just take a moment to look at this beautiful looking packaging. It looks really luxurious with the soft glitterly rosy and silver combination. The whole container is made out of plastic.

IMG_2494  IMG_2462 IMG_2460IMG_2469 IMG_2471 IMG_2476 IMG_2477

When you open the cap, there’s a simple white pump.

IMG_2481 IMG_2485

I just can’t stop looking at it, I just really like the way it looks.




It comes with a big folded paper with instructions and information about the whole company and about each product in the series (TD Repair in this case). I took pictures only of the basics and then the serum that I’m using.

IMG_2511-horzbigger picture here


It comes in 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) bottle which is the same amount as my Missha Time Revolution Night Repair.

The smell of this product is… I can’t really explain but my friend said it smells exactly the way it looks. It’s like soft rosy with sunscreen? I really can’t explain the smell, it’s very pleasant, not strong at all. However, if you are really really sensitive to smells, this miiiiight annoy you a little.

The consistency is like a little bit more liquidy body milk or some lotion. It’s not runny at all. It’s just easily spreadable lotion like.


This is one pump, by the way. You don’t need more than this on your whole face.

It works both as a moisturizer and a serum. It’s really light, absorbs fairly quickly.

Why do I like it?

Okay so in the beginning I said that I had immediately fallen in love. And it’s very true. Usually during night I get really oily and wake up with oily chin and nose. However, when I use this serum, I don’t get oily at all? The first night I thought it was some black magic because this has never happened before. Even during the day, when I’m wearing makeup, I get oily on these areas (nose and chin) and the makeup starts kind of separate due to the oils. But when I use this serum, this separating wasn’t as bad as it usually is, which is amazing!

Teradia TD Repair Emulsion Serum review


I highly recommend this! It’s anti-wrinkle and brightening, which is good if you have acne scars or pigmentation and/or some forming fine lines or you want to prevent them. It’s also a good add on for oily skin types as well since it helps me with my oils too.

Get your own on Jolse’s website.

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