Review: Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream


The only BB cream that fits me?

After a year, I finally got him… Yes, over a year ago (June 2014) I recieved few samples of all the different BBs from Skin79. I tried the pink one at first, ofc. One morning I decided to try it on to school and see how it feels. And I fell in love almost immediately. A lot of people criticize its scent but I think it smells pretty normal. I really like this BB and even when they sell only one shade, it fits me perfectly. Not like other BBs from drugstores here. It has slightly grayish undertone that perfectly evens my skin tone, including my red T-zone.

So Skin79 claims that product has SPF30 PA++, which is great for everyday use. Next wrinkle improvement, yes it has, it doesn’t sink into any of my wrinkles around my eyes unlike Skinfood’s cushion bottle. Coverage is light to medium, since it’s BB cream, this is pretty normal. It however does cover my red T-zone and evens out my skin toneWhitening? Well my skin is already pretty white but yeah, it makes your skin brighter. Sebum control? I would say yes. After 8 and half hours I had oily only around my nose.

This BB has the Korean radiant to dewy finish. Which is fine because it doesn’t look dry nor oily. It looks just perfectly natural to me and it’s really refreshing and healthy looking. It isn’t as runny as other BB creams but it’s easy to blend. It has a LITTLE bit more coverage than other “American” BBs I’ve tried before. But it doesn’t stay in place the whole day. The red pimples and other imperfections were quite visible after 8 hours. However the skin tone was still even which is good at the end.

Few days after I wrote this I tried it to school (it was really hot) and it looked more dewy in the morning so I put on a little bit of powder and it was better (even tho I don’t think it was needed, it still looked natural) but it was way more oily after 7 hours. But then it could be because of the hurry stressful day.

So I think this BB is a bit better for winter than summer because it’s more moisturizing then f.e. the Skinfood. On face it feels really light and nice. I just simply love this. It’s perfect for me for everyday use.

So I definitely recommend this one and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

You can buy your own on Cosmetic-Love (you can use code saurich for 10% off).

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